Mainiax: February 2005

Monday, February 28, 2005

Monday is done. Got all the paperwork done for Jim, took Jamie out to lunch we dont do that enough. We had a realllly good mom, daughter talk. Something we needed, I hope there are more like that.
Ray is off to league at the club, Michael is all washed and in bed now mom can do what I want the rest of the night. I'm gonna work on those damn mittens for meme and watch idol.
Tomorrow is my best friend Kat's birthday, and also the day that I have to get that lump thing off and guess what more snow is coming just what I want check this out man am I glad I have 4 wheel drive.


monday morning blues

Well Ray went to bed with cramps and poops, about 1am Michael fell out of bed and hit his head on his bureau So being a worry wort I brought him to bed with us. Which I dont make a habit of doing, this morning he started pooping and had a tummy ache but after he ate he seemed to feel better. So I brought him to school.
Jim called last night and asked me if I could go to the high school and get Jamies records for his income tax. He has to work, and when his mom called the school sent the wrong papers, so I'm gonna help him out and pick up Jamie at the same time.
and to top it off, I am getting one of my headaches so I hope I can get back and take a nap today, I never take naps unless I'm sick or gettting a headache. So that is my plan for the day.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Had a good day today, we went to springfield Mass to an outdoor expo, its 3 buildings of hunting and fishing stuff. They also have a 3d shoot going on that we usually do but this year with money being tight we decided not to shoot and just walk around the show. Michael had fun they have a couple of trout ponds for kids to play with, he didn't catch anything but a tank full of fish that have been fed all weekend I didnt think he would.
ok is it just me but its a 3.5 hour ride down there and back you get home your ass is tired and the first thing that you do when u get home is sit down. why is that?
so now we are gonna watch the nascar race and call it a night Ray isnt feeling quite up to par I hope he doesnt have what Michael had.
I'll be around visiting after supper. Not like anyone but Kat reads this anyways but thats ok HI KAT. this is good for me anyways to be writing and venting.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

I am 37% Asshole/Bitch.
Part Time Asshole/Bitch.
I may think I am an asshole or a bitch, but the truth is I am a good person at heart. Yeah sure, I can have a mean streak in me, but most of the people I meet like me.

Saturday is home day

Well kinda, Michael had tae kwon do this morning, Ray had to work so I brought him, Ray got out early so he showed up to surprise us and watch the second half. Michael was feeling better so we took a ride up to LL Bean and got him some snow shoes they were on sale. The thing about beans is they may cost $5. more than someplace else but if he breaks them we can return them no questions asked. We then went and sprayed some of the salt off my truck cuz I'm swapping vehicles with my dad tonight. We are going to a sportsmans show in Mass tomorrow and my truck doesnt have much leg room in the back so we are gonna take my dads Durango.The last thing I want to hear from dad is I gave him my truck and it was filthy.

We are now done everything we had to do today so we're just gonna chill at the house for the rest of the day.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Well Michael is feeling a little better, he was sick alll day he finally took a nap around 2:30 and when he woke up he was feeling a little better. So we had french toast for supper.
Ok I have to vent a little about my meme she is a bitter old lady she cant compliment you ever she always had to be negitive. This is the same lady that tells my daughter you look like you've put on a few pounds then gives her an easter basket or christmas stocking full of chocolate. Well I only started knitting in November, and I made hats, scarfs and mittens for my mom, meme, and friend. Now meme has really small hands her ring wont fit past my first knuckle of my pinky. So I made her mittens a little smaller. Well the last couple of times I saw her she had a scarf on that wasnt the one I made thats fine the color matched that jacket better. This morning when I picked up Michael she says those mittens you made are to small so I cant wear then. This may not look bad typed but that snide little french lady voice makes me cringe. It was almost like her voice said cant u make mittens right. aahhh So now I have been working all day to make new f+++en mittens for her. I'm gonna make these so they fit me and watch they will be too big. I dont think the woman can ever be happy.
OK I have vented I feel better.

TGIF (not)

Thought I was gonna have a good day. Ray and I were gonna go to the bank, go shoot a round at the archery shop, then we were gonna run up to LL Bean and get Michael some snow shoes so he can go out looking for deer with me.
But as luck would have it meme calls at 7am so much for sleeping in, I thought it was because it was snowing and she didn't want to drive. Nope Michael is sick started puking at 3am. So I had to go get him, he was fine till we got home then got sick again, I have to say he is such a good boy he really tries to make it to the bathroom every time. I gave him a bucket just in case.
So now my day will consist of cleaning the house and taking care of Michael. I guess thats what moms do. I'm actually glad I'm not working so I can take care of him. The upside of unemployment.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

that was fun I walked all around 2 areas I hunt near my work and did not see even one deer. I think they are across the road behind the farmers house. He wont let me hunt there but I'm gonna ask if I can go snowshoeing and take pictures tomorrow. The worse he can do is say no. I will say that snowshoeing is one hell of a workout my thighs are wicked tight and burning.
We have a club meeting tonight, it seems like every time I feel like doing nothing there is something to do. supper is cooking got to go.

good day for a walk

Well when I get done watching idol I think I'm gonna go take a walk in the woods Ray got me snow shoes last year for xmas and last winter we didnt have alot of snow so they never got used this year we have plenty. So I'm gonna take a walk and hopefully dont fall down to much. Actually I'm gonna go out and look for deer sheds I dont know how much luck I will have cuz the snow is kinda deep. I am going to take my camera just in case I see some deer.
I'll let u know how I do later.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

well that was fun they actually did the entire toy story movie on ice and did it very well I might add. If people around us could have gotten there on time so security didnt have to keep using flash lights to find there seats and check other peoples tickets it would have been perfect.
Michael and Jamie fell asleep on the way home, we dropped her off and put him right to bed Ray went right after so I'm just sitting here watching csi NY. We taped lost and idol to watch in the morning. So I'll see you all then.

hee hee I got a nooner!!

ok if anyone knows my mister modest hubby they know why I'm happy. He is the lights off kinda guy and its the middle of the day. I cornered him when he got out of the shower. Had to gloat sorry.
he is going to get Jamie and Michael so we can go to the show tonight. We were going to pick Michael up early and try to get him to take a nap but school had that field trip today so he should be nice and cracky tonight I think I'll let him sleep in tomorrow.
I'll stop in tonight and let u know how toy story was.I'm sure u are all dieing to know.

hump day

The house didnt get trashed last night so the only house thing I have to do today is fold laundry.
tonight is another story we are going to see Toy Story on ice It has been our bribe for Michael to be good the last couple of weeks even thou I had the tickets already. you know how it goes "Michael if you really good till then we can go" at least he is still young enough for this to work.
I got an interesting call last night my daughters father. Jim and I get along great she has lived with him since 1996, back then he owed child support for the years I had her so they took his income tax, they fought him about did she really live with him. he didnt bother fighting back well now he can get his taxes back and they still dont believe she lives with him. They keep asking for court papers, Jim and I have NEVER been to court over her they dont believe him. we have never fought about her everything was verbal and we never had a problem she is almost 15 now. So today I'm gonna call a lawyer friend of mine and find out what we can do I told him if he needs my ss number so they can see that I haven't claimed her either. That I will help him however I can. If he gets them to take it this year he can go back and claim her all the years he didnt he should get a chunk back. I hope he does because I can truly say I have one of the best relationships with my ex Jamie hates it. she cant play us against each other. He is taking her to New York City this weekend just so she can see it,if he can get the time off. Last year they went to disney together.
ok I'm running late I have to get Michael to school they are going on a sledding field trip today.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

hello Tuesday

Sent Michael off to school, came home and started cleaning the house was a mess after having Michael home for 3 days and hubby home for 2 days. It didnt take to long a little vacuuming and some laundry and the dishes.
You want to know what I hate maybe its only me I hardly ever wear nail polish mostly because I'm really not a girly girl except for special occasions but last night I noticed my nails were getting pretty long and decided to polish them. I even recruited Ray to help this morning I clean and over half of the polish has chipped off already and do u think I have any remover nope. Its kinda funny whats left will stay there forever. The last time I did them was for Christmas then I went on vaca to Florida to my aunts house and she comes up to me and hands me remover cuz of course my nails looked like crap it had been two weeks and says "I didn't think you would have brought this with you" like hint hint your nails look like shit take it off. When Ray and I do groceries today I'll have to break down and pick up some remover.
The rest of my day will consist of surfing the web and working on my knitting project. I bought this toy knitting book saw a rabbit with angel wings figured I would make it for my grandma now I have realized this thing is tiny and a pain in the ass but I will finish it I hope in time for easter or maybe her birthday.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Thank You Kat!!!!

Kat to the rescue she came and fixed my template. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
I'll talk to you tomorrow Kat get some rest.

ok I give up, I get everything just where I want it profile it and its perfect, I post it and it doesnt change no matter how I publish it. I go back and look at the template hit profile and its fine..
So I give up for now. If anyone has an aswer I could use it.

fixing template

I'm sure u noticed I have been playing with my template all day. I still can't get the entire thing to move to the right just a little bit I'll figure it out I'm sure later.
Gee,will you look outside its snowing again. . I'm in the 8-15 area. I havent bothered to get out of my pj's all day no reason. I worked on this and now I'm gonna get back to my knitting so it wont look like I did totally nothing today. Not like Ray will notice anyways.
I'll be back later if anything big and exciting happens.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

long cold day

We got on the ice at 6am a little late Ray wanted to be there at first light oh well. So we set up and sat there the ice was realllllly slippery I dont mind so much when there is snow on top and u can walk on it but pure ice is helll. I found myself a little hole on the shoreline to hide from the wind it never got over 20 and around noon the wind picked up and boy did it get cold. A couple buddies were just around the corner so we visited with them alot. The boys got 3 little fish we didnt win anything but Michael was happy.
When we got home all of us had burning faces from warming up. Michael was still chilly,so I put him in a warm tubby, that little bugger stayed out in the cold all day and never complained not even once. He could hardly walk I had so many clothes on him, and he had little hot hand packets in his mittens and boots. He was cute Ray put ice cleats on his boots so he was the only one that could walk around without slipping. We all got wind burn a little.
All in all we had a good day long but good we just had some pasta and turned on the race Unfortunaly we watched the news and they flipped in with the winner but thats ok we'll watch for the crashes and fast forward thru the commercials.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

ice fishing derby

I''ll be up and out by 5 am so I am posting tonight I am going to do my favorite thing (not) ice fishing with hubby and some other friends there is a derby tomorrow and hopefully we can get a big fish and win some money I'll let u all know how we do.

had to program the vcr for the big race so dont tell me who won we are gonna watch it tomorrow night.

Think I'll bring my knitting and make some new mittens for my mom better than just staring at the fishing line all day.

a stay at home day

This is what Michael calls today, he comes into our room this morning and says is this a stay at home day or a school day. We told him its a stay home day but he has tae kwon do. So we went to class and now we are home.

We have to run out later and pick up the rest of the pig we bought. We buy two pigs a year from our buddy Tims mom, it goes to the butchers and we pick up the chops and stuff a week later but the other half of the pig gets smoked that that is whats ready today so we are having ham steak tonight baby. mmmmmmm. Tims family is almost completely self sufficant they grow all there own veggies and raise all their meat. His mom is a midwife if that tells you anything.They are great people with hearts of gold. Michael hopes to get on their horse so if he does I'll try to get some pictures.

I picked up yarn yesterday to make Rays grandma a doll for easter dont know how good it will come out but I'm gonna try.

That is gonna be my day. I'll catch up with everyone later.

Friday, February 18, 2005


Well I got my errands done took pictures for Kat of where we used to hang out, came home worked out, played on the web, went to dinner at 99 with meme and my dad. That was my entire day how was yours.

off to run errands

Well I'm heading out to get the errands done early so I can veg later. I have to bring Michael to school, go to the bank get gas and I want to take a ride to the beach and get some pictures for Kathy of what the place has turned into. Shit.

Oh did I tell u what darling hubby did yesterday he just had to go and get bait for Ice fishing on Sunday now think about it Sunday and he just had to go yesterday, do you think he called first to make sure that had some nope it will be in today, Now let me say that he is the worse driver in the world he got a ticket for 29 over This ticket is more than one of my unemployment checks. This is something we just do not need. So I told him he s not getting a new bow this year there is absolutely no way. So he is bummed I cant believe our luck our car insurance was gonna go down in June and now its gonna go up.

well I better get out of here or I'm never getting out of this chair.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

tax day

well we went and did our taxes today and aren't even getting half of what we got last year. The company Ray was working for had messed up on his deductions it took like 3 months to get it straightened out during that time they weren't taking enough out so now we dont get as much back, oh well I might be able to catch up on a couple of bills before they go past due.

on another note my neck is killing me for those that dont know me I broke my neck a couple of years ago and I will have aches,pains and headaches for the rest of my life. There is a storm coming and some really cold weather and that tends to be the worse time for me. I am very lucky that I can walk, and hug my kids but it stil f***en hurts.

Well supper is done and I'm gonna take some drugs and watch tv for the rest of the night so later.

one of them days

So I have been messing with this blog all day I put a site map on it and a counter. Tried to put a blogroll on it dont know if I did it right or not so Kat let me know ok.

I had cleaned my spare room the other day and can now get to my home gym so I am going to attempt to use it . My knees have been killing me this week I had a problem last year with tendonitis in my knees and started taking the generic version of bio-flex the stuff works great but it cost alot so when I lost my job I stopped taking it I probably shouldn't have done that now I'm paying for it.

Well I'm gonna work out or should I say try to and add some more junk to my blog catch u all later.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

docs part II

Well docs wasnt that bad he was really nice I have to go back on March 1st at 1;40 to get whatever this thing is removed.
He said it could be one of a number of things an enlarged hair folicle, a cyst, a tumer or a lymph node. So its coming out, he said it would take about 20 minutes to remove and depending on what it was send it to a lab for analysis.

so thats my day for now I need to go work on fish and game stuff, that should kill the rest of my day.

doctor day

Well I am going to a specialist this morning The kids were both sick last week so we all went to the doctors. While I was there I asked him about a lump behind my ear,and if he could remove it, the darn thing hurts when I brush my hair. He said he didnt want to do it cuz it could be an absess that he could remove but it could also be a limph node which he cant do and he didnt want to get in there then find out. The lump isnt huge it was about the size of a little earing stud for the longest time and all of a sudden it started to get bigger now its about the size of a pistachio and hurts. So I decided I didnt want to look like one of them old men with this big growth on the side of my head and since I'm not working right now lets just go and get her done.

I'll be back later the appointment is at 935 but I need to be there early to do the paperwork.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

the house is clean!!!!!!

I have been cleaning all day. I am pooped Ray called at noon said he'd be home in an hour he had to stop a buddies house for a minute. I swear that man can talk more than any woman I know. He came home at 2;30 I told him to get a new watch, and guilted him into helping me clean. I have now learned do not let him vacuum he sucked of the corner of the blanket and melted another belt. Maybe I will get more flowers if I send him for another belt ;)

I have to admit as much as I may bitch about my husband I truly love him I just get frustated with him sometimes anyone that has been with someone for awhile knows what I'm talking about.

I said I would put up a couple of pictures of Michael at tae kwon do so here they are I took them last Saturday morning. When he pays attention he does really good. This one is at home before we left for class

ok enough for now I might be back but if I'm not have a great night

another busy day

ok so I dropped Michael off and laid around watching Medium that I taped last night. Ray was actually awake so I just had to go to bed with him. Usually he falls asleep on the couch and the only thing I'll get going to bed with him then is a headache listening to him snore. LOL he is really bad I had to tape record him to show him how bad it is. Now he puts those nose strips on it helps alot but not completely.

I took some pictures of Michaels room take a look at the picture on the wall Ray's grandma painted that in 1972 on his second birthday and it completely fits for Michael. The wallpaper has fishing frogs and dogs on it, it is so him.
this is my first picture I've tried to attach so I hope it works.
that worked so here is another one

I'll be back later have a great day everyone If this picture works I have a couple of Michael at tae kwon do he is so cute in his little uniform.

Monday, February 14, 2005

happy valentines day

What a long day my stepdad Roland came over this morning we worked on Michaels room allllll day we put up new border around the middle trimmed it with wood, build a entirely new window casing can't believe there is no air coming through anymore what a difference I should have taken before and after pictures. I will take after pictures tonight.

Ray came home and didnt really even attempt to help till Roland asked him to. Ok so we are all done and the I'm trying to clean and the damn belt on the vacuum broke. So I had Ray run and get one while he was gone he must have gotten the hint that Roland kept saying he had to run and get my mom a card and candy for valentines Cuz guess what I GOT FLOWERS!!!!! he admitted he got them from the guy on the side of the rd but he even went out and got a card!!! The reason I'm so excited is the is the FIRST card he has EVER picked out for me all by himself.

So hubby saved the day even though he ran out 30 seconds later to go to the club he made an effort and thats all I really wanted.

I am absolutly exhausted and still have a couple of things to hang in Michaels room.

Sunday, February 13, 2005


ok can I scream now, you will learn I hate ice fishing, absolutly hate it cuz Ray will think of nothing but ice fishing most of the winter including the house and me. We were just sitting here and he says when I get out of work tomorrow I am gonna take Adam out on the ice and drill some holes so he can see how safe it is, then take a nap before league.

So what that tells me is happy f-in valentines day. NOT

ok I'm gonna watch some tv and check on my friends at


Well hubby just got back from the store and while peeling potatoes nosie me looked at the receipt there is no card on it, no flowers, no stuffed animal nothing this will not be a nice house at dinner tomorrow night.
Ray runs an archery league for the fish and game club we are members of tomorrow night at 6 so he has from when he gets out at noon tomorrow till he leaves to do something. I have refused to even mention valentines to him not once. I want to see if he can do something all by himself without me nagging. I bought for the kids and my family only. Last year I bough stuff for his mom and sister told him to fill out the cards and mail them they sat on the table till summer when I finally got rid of them, so now I figure he's a big boy he can buy his own cards or they dont get them. His mom has always looked at me like I wasnt good enough for her little boy so at this point I dont care what she thinks.

ok gonna check the ham. ( the times between blogs are close cuz I hit the wrong button last time and it didnt post)

I had to post this picture so I could use it for my profile, this is me at work last spring playing with my new digital camera.

1st blog day one

worked on my sons room today I painted it with my mom yesterday should be ready for border to be put on tomorrow.
on an interesting note my meme (grandmother) came over with a valentines present for my son, I have a daughter also but for some reason she sees fit to degrade her to a point that my daughter doesnt want to spent time with her anymore and I cant blame her at all. I'll explain more later.

Just sent hubby to the store for some groceries I had doing the food shopping and my dad is coming over for dinner. He is single and doesnt cook big meals for himself so I try to get him to come over when I can. Another reason I sent hubby is maybe just maybe he will remember to get me something for valentines day. He forgot our aniversery last year and tomorrow I do not want to hear I didnt have time to go to the store cuz I'm sending him there on purpose.