Mainiax: February 2007

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

hello everyone

I had a Great relaxing weekend and man did I need that. I went to Spa this weekend, its really just a bunch of woman getting together at a local hotel to knit, spin, crochet and just shoot the shit. there were a couple of vendors there I did overspend but I had been putting a couple of bucks aside since christmas every week just to go. I met some really nice people I used to get really nervous about going places by myself, a couple of friends showed up for a little bit but for the most part I was alone. Now mind you I am not a shy person but the walking in and setting up by myself has always kinda made me feel weird. I went out for lunch with a girl I had met in the hall but at supper time alot of people were going out before the guest speaker was set to start at 7. Lucky me I am close enough that I drove home ate dinner and debated whether I was going to go back for the guest speaker, I did decide to go back at the last minute then went to see my friend lou and had a drink with her. That was my entire weekend pretty cool. I hadnt used my spinning wheel in awhile after using it all weekend I realized I really miss it. Last night I sat spinning while watching hero's I didnt even notice the time flying by.

While I was spinning Ray and Michael went Ice fishing and snowmobiling all day Saturday they had a blast, we are going to go to NH riding this Saturday as a family then church on Sunday, after church if our income tax comes in we are going to go bed shopping we soo need a new bed you can only flip them so many times. Now when the bed is made you can see the dents where we sleep I told Ray we either need to loose weight or get a new bed, and he liked the bed idea. We are also going to get the rest of our house windows with the money we will save money on heat doing that and next year we can use it as another deduction. What ever is left is going onto credit cards so we can work on paying those puppies off. The only reason we dont do that before the windows is I'm tired of watching the heat go out the window and I'm tired of plastic.
I better get back to work boss is being weird this week I think he has pms.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy V day and Let it snow, snow, snow

Damn is it snowing out and I'm stuck at work, to top it off a bunch of people called in today and I'm by myself taking all my boss's shit I think its because I'm the only one here.

the rest of the week has been ok. Michael had his blue/gold banquet last Saturday Night, my mom and stepdad came with us it was cute. Michael earned a bunch of stuff he was excited. Sunday he got to do the candle again at church he loves doing that even if they do pair him up with an older child.

Tuesday we took Michael to the doc we had him tested at school for add/adhd the test showed he was indead in the adhd catigory, so yesterday we went to the doctor and had a long talk with him. He got some pills to take once a day in the morning. We will see how it goes, he is not an extreme case but he is struggling with his focussing. But I was correct about his iq its on the high end if he can settle down I think he will be fine.

I leave you with a couple of pictures from this weekend.
Drive Safe if you are getting all the storms we are.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm sooo sorry its been so long since I've posted.
I have a few updates for you.
First let me say it was GREAT having Kat here for a week. I loved it, I have so missed having a friend to just ride around and shoot the shit with. I know she was cold but I so wish she could come back to stay. I'm being gready just slap me ok.
We went snowtubing last Saturday the kids had a blast its funny we went from 9-12 and by 11:30 we were all tired and ready to go.
Sunday I went to the baby shower at my friends they are the ones I made all the presents for and they really liked what I made. phew I'm glad. here is a picture of the happy couple opening my box.

Next is a picture of a scarf I spun and knitted for a girl that goes to light therapy with me she liked mine that I made last year. I almost forgot to take a picture and happened to have my camera in my purse so I snapped a picture on the seat of my truck.

this last picture is of poofur he is a black angoria bunny we are buying for Rays mom for valentines day. He is still little and will turn kinda grey but I think he will still be cute. His mom is naming him poofur because she is keeping the poo for her garden and giving me the fur. I like that idea all the benefit and no mess.

Yesterday was just total mess. I got up and went to brush my teeth and guess what no water again. so I wake Ray up and he started the new heater we bought last week when this happened. I went to work but only ended up staying an hour Ray doesnt have any vaca time and I do so I figured It was better for me to use my time instead of him with no pay. So I went home and called my daughter and told her to skip school not that it broke her heart but I had a remicade treatment at one and if the pipes werent unthawed we needed someone to watch the heaters.
they did defrost about 10:30 and we found out why they kept freezing, there is a really small drip at one of the fittings well the drips went down the concrete slab and stopped right on the water pipe and froze it solid. So Ray bought all kinds of insulation to stuff around the pipe and get it off the concrete and tonight my uncle is coming over to help him fix the fitting so it quits leaking.
I did get to go to my remicade treatment at the new cheaper place, what a difference. This place was so nice and friendly I'll be sure to tell all my doctors to send people over here instead.
the next week is going to be really crazy around here even more than normal. Ray is leaving tomorrow for his yearly ice fishing trip with the boys but our buddy mark has to work tomorrow so I'm going to run him to NH after work to meet everyone so they wont have so many trucks there. Then Saturday we have the blue/gold banquet for cub scouts, Sunday Michael is lighting the candles at church again.
Monday and Wednesday is tae kwon do. Monday at 5:30 we are going to do our taxes. Tuesday we have to go see the doc for michael and talk about his add/adhd test, we have a meeting with the school on Thursday morning to discuss more things about Michael.
so that is my week in review maybe you can see why I have a hard time remembering to post but be assured I do come around and read your blogs every couple of days even if I dont have time to comment.