Mainiax: May 2008

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I can finally tell you I have been holding it back for a week. But tomorrow morning I am giving my weeks notice at my job. I have been dispatching for a repair company that fixes construction equipment for the last couple of years. Well last week I got offered my dream job as a PD dispatcher. When I was in JR. high I did a report on the enhanced 911 system before it was even in Maine, I called LA. Cal. to do a phone interview with there chief to learn about the system because they were the first to use it. Back in February I was cleaning my shed and found that JR. high report. After high school I had went to college for one year for accounting and then transfered to another college and went for a year and a half towards my degree in Law Enforcement Tech then I met the ex ass quit school and gave up my dream. Well I found that report Ray and I talked and he said you know what start applying around see what happens follow your dream its time. Man I love that guy. I did two interviews got offered one part time job which I turned down to wait and see about the other one they had only offered part time because I didnt have experience. The wait paid off I got the position I really wanted the big test was a poligraph, it was the most nerve wracking things I have every done but I passed.
Next Tuesday I have to go to HR and do all my paper work then I go for training the following week for 3 days. I will be working 2nd shift once I am trained which I think will help with Michael I will be able to spend alot more time with him over the summer.
Hopefully tomorrow they dont let me go and let me work out the following week I dont want to screw them I only want to help them with end of month transfer all my stuff over and start my new carrier.
so now you understand why I was waiting to jump up and down I didnt want to get my hopes up but now I can yell to the world YIPPPEEEEE

I leave you know with Michael catching at little league he loves this position he is in every play and thinks its great. and I finally finished the back of rays sweater that I spun and am knitting. This is the sweater if it comes out good I will be entering in the local fairs just to see what happens. I'll be back soon wish me luck telling the boss tomorrow. :-)

Monday, May 19, 2008

I DID IT!!!!

I passed the last test for my dream job last Friday now I just have to wait for a phone call and find out if I actually get the job.

I dont have time to really post tonight but I had to tell you. I'll be back tomorrow I hope with more of an update.

Monday, May 12, 2008

my boys took me to the seadogs yesterday and they got to go down on the field and play game they won $25 bucks towards groceries it was funny. I tried to put it on youtube but its not as clear as it was on my camera mike is in red and ray in blue

I cant figure out how to put it into a box for you sorry.

here is a couple of other pictures . I had a great day and I hope you did too.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Not good news.

This is just a quick update to let you know how shitty things are going. I have been really excited about this new job I have been interviewing for and now do to health reasons I may not be able to take it.
I spent all day yesterday in the ER thinking I had kidney stones to go along with the gallstones I had removed just to find out its my crohns and I have 4 inches or so that is almost completely blocked. I have been going thru a straw and its all starting to back up behind the shrunk part. I hurt really bad. I had left work yesterday to go to the ER and I came in today just so I wont be out of time, I waited until I got here to take my pain killers I didn’t think I would make it until they kicked in. I have 5 different scripts I hate taking shit. I now have to call the dr today at noon he wants to see the cat scan and determine if he wants to do surgery or what which mean a shit bag and no new job.
Why just when things are going ok does this always happen to me.
If you pray say some for me ok.

Ok a lighter note Michael tested last night for his next he is such a sweet kid he didn’t know I was sick until grammy dropped me off I couldn’t drive so my daughter gave me a ride I left my truck at work. He said mom you don’t have to stay for my test its ok you can go home I will still do good. I was all like nope I want to be here for you. Do you think my daughter called after she dropped me off at the ER door and was gone haven’t heard from her since.

That is all my exciting news.