Thursday, February 19, 2009

have I ever told you every time I make a friend they move away. So the last few years I have been backing away from meeting or trying to get any new close friends but I did and guess what they moved away. So lets see the person I have known the longest is in Florida she went for very good reasons and I encouraged her, I miss her every day but she is in a good place except when one of us needs a ((hug)). The next person whom I was friends with both her and her husband divorced she moved to N.C. and promised to stay in touch, (nope didn't happen, I tried to reconnect a couple of times recently I tracked her down thru her sons facebook sometimes she responds most of the time not) When she left I stayed very close to her ex we were like brother and sister and I to this day think of him that way and will love him that way until I die a couple of years ago almost now he just stopped communicating with me I sent his kids cards for every birthday, his wife, him their anniversary and got nothing like I didn't exist. Then I meet a new friend through the sister of Rays friend she was the coolest and funnest ever but now she is in Tenn. and the communication is fading. I had to find out her husband is coming up in a couple of weeks on their website I feel like I've lost them too. 
I have other friends now and I'm scared they will move away so to cope I find my self pulling away even though I really don't want to. I have taken every bit of overtime at work I can a double yesterday on my day off, and another on Friday, and next Sunday I work my day off again. yeah we need the money but at the same time I'm lonely. Kinda goes along with my last post of being tired of people maybe I'm really just getting tired of being left. OK I'm done with my sobby but this is why I don't get close to people anymore and am trying to separate myself I cant and wont get hurt any more. Ray always says he wishes I had more friends but I have him and mike and Jamie what more do I need they cant every really leave they are stuck with me.
I do have to say the last couple of weeks with mike have been absolutely wonderful. he is doing great. this week is school vaca we had Monday off together and went out to lunch. I worked Tuesday but Wednesday morning we laid around bed snuggled laughed and talked and I cried after, he said why are you crying mom and all I could say is I love you more every day buddy don't ever forget that because mommy wont. 
well I took an ambien before I started this and I think its starting to work I'm typing slower. Sorry this post is so blah but this is how I feel later. 

update on Friday: just found out another friend is moving to florida in a couple of weeks her daughter is having her first baby she is going down to visit and after the baby is settled she is coming back for her stuff. hey Kat if you see lou lou she will be in Tampa so dont be shocked LOL.


At 3:27 AM, Blogger Kat said...

I know I live so far away in Florida, but I will always be your friend. I am a phone call or email away, anytime you need to talk, you know how to reach me.

I know it's not the same as being there, believe me I know, I'm going through some rough patches with so-called friends myself, but all of them are online, not in person, so it lessens the pain a little less.

But I want you to know that people moving away has nothing at all to do with you, people just move, need to move, need to move on with their lives.

You can always tell who the true and real life-long friends are because they are the ones who are always there for you even if it is by phone or email.
They stay in contact, they answer the calls to just let their friend vent, cry, scream, or spread good news.
They never say no to a call from a friend.

I am so sorry that so many of your friends have moved away and not stayed in touch, but me?
I'm gonna be here till the very end, whichever one of us goes first.
It will probably be me the way my health is, but you're getting up there in age and crappy health too, so hey, we might have to race our walkers to our death beds...LOL

But I am here for you, always, and I know that you're always there for me too.
I love and trust you so much, that you are the person I know will fight my mom and dad to respect my DNR, you are 1 of 3 people I have chosen to take care of my sons, be their stand-in mom, if something should happen to me.

You are a part of my family, my parents are your parents, my family is yours.
We're stuck to each other, ain't no way out of it now girl.

Remember, anytime you need to talk, email me, call me, if I'm not home, I'll call you back, I'll email you back, I am always going to be here, that's a promise.

You are the best friend I've ever had, and you will always be.

I may be far away physically, but I am sending you a giant hug right now.

I love ya Shell.

At 2:44 AM, Blogger Kat said...

I don't go to Tampa too often, but if I see her, I'll say hi.
If she still bartends for work, she may not find a job down here.
They hire young, pretty, faked-boobed super hot chicks and hot young guys to bartend here.

At 12:22 AM, Blogger Isabel said...

You're not the only lonely one. I have about 2 friends that keep in touch with me, and that's it. I move a lot, but that's not it. I just have a hard time making and keeping friends.

I read this post and thought: why are so many people so lonely? Why is it so difficult?

At 9:07 PM, Anonymous Coupon Codes said...

I know how you feel. At least you've got a few good friends you can count on.


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