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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I'm tired

I am tired, tired of councelers, tired of schools, tired of work, tired of cleaning, just tired. I havent been around much visiting friends when I'm not working I'm running to appointments for everything. Yesterday I had to meet with the school phychologist at 745 she is doing a new psych test on Mike, my urinary physical therapist at 11, pick up michael and bring him to the dentist at 1pm. Then at 5 Mikes counceler came over the house to work with us as a family. I kinda snapped at her. by the time she got here I had enough. She said something and I snapped at her I didnt mean to but I really want things back the way they were before Christmas when it was us and the dr only taking care of Michael.

yeah he has a team working for him at school now but really I think this is all to much. the counceler thinks him not wanting to do his homework is an underlying statement about how he feels about himself. mmm you know before he had the reaction to the med we didnt have this "team" and all was good this is all starting to get overwhelming. This Friday we go meet with the psychologist again and if he doesnt spend more then 10 minutes getting to know mike and just plays with his meds and sends us on our way again I'm done. I was given a pamphet for a place in portland I might try and that is a might. Can the kid have to many people working for him. He has his teacher, the behavior specialist, the guidence counceler, the principal,vs principal, school nurse all on his school team. the regular counceler and his psychiotrist. and of course somewhere in all this do where do Ray and I get our say. I feel like we are losing our grip as parents with all this imput I just want to go back to the way it was.
Most of these people dont know him, but they all say they want to help.

now can you understand why I'm done, I have to go do my homework now, just got home from the gym which has become my outlet, I just want to sit here have a good cry and go back to the way things were.
ok I'm done venting later


At 3:58 PM, Blogger Kat said...

Oh Shell, I'm so sorry. I am sure that all of this is so overwhelming for all of you, and probably for Michael.

Parents deserve a major say in what their child is being put through, and some of his problems may be that he's seeing too many people, I don't now, but I know if I had to talk to that many people all of the time, I'd be acting out and not doing my homework too.
Hang in there.


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