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Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend of FUN!!

on our way to Rhinebeck we stopped at Webs and bought a few things. This is my little stash I got a bunch of cashsilk for 3.99 a ball and a few other thinks to play with
Then we were on our way to Melody's cousins. After dinner Bristol started to teach me to make socks. Two at once from the toe up. A couple of weeks ago we dyed sock blanks and that is what I am using on size 1 yes 1 needles the smallest I have every used. Here is what I have done so far.
The next morning when I got up the early bird that I am woke Everyone up and said lets go lets go and we went. Here I am at Rhinebeck
and this is my stash I got 4 different sock yarns, those should last awhile since I'm just learning. the three beautiful braids of roving to the left that I am going to make a 3 ply with and then decide what to make. the big bump is a mystery bump have no idea what that will be and that is half the fun. and the two on top I think I'm going to make a chest warmer or another word for vest out of them.

oh and before I forget did you see the new little wheels the man was selling in the big building. Well Portland Fiber Gallery will be the dealer from them in Maine, Melody bough one to play with its the coolest little thing we all loved it.

And check out this treefrog isnt it the cute I just had to take a picture of it.


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