Sunday, September 07, 2008

well the surgery is over and why is it always me that ends up having problems after. Let me explain. The surgery went as planned on Wednesday the Dr. got the stone and is sending it out to be analyzed. When he was done he left a stint in to hold the tube between the kidney and bladder open because your body doesn't like strange things in it,it tends to swell and this stint was to hold things open. There was a string sticking out of me to pull in 3-4 days. So I go home around 11pm I feel wet really wet I go to the bathroom thinking its just a little leaking no big deal, I put a pad on, a towel on the bed and try to go back to sleep. As soon as I lay down the leaking turns into the faucet being turned on I cant stop the pee. I'm freaking out I go into the bathroom and sit down it wont stop so I call the Dr. he said the stint must have moved and opened the bladder door, just pull it out. OK if you say so this thing must have been a foot long and abracadabra the pee stops. I'm thinking there must be a catch, well there was.
Thursday morning I get up all is OK I run Ray a shirt he forgot he had to dress nice for some big shots coming to the company and I run up to my friend Lori's to pick up my rovings. While at Lori's I started getting crampy so I told her I had to go home. On my way the pain is getting worse and worse and worse. I didnt think I would make it to the house 15 minutes away. I get home take two percocetts and lay down its not going away at all. I call the Dr's office and they say go get an x-ray and come in umm lady I just took two perc and I'm alone I dont think I can walk let alone drive in this condition, so she puts me on hold and tells me to take a cab or ambulance to the hospital and they will let them know I'm coming. I called Ray bawling come and get meeeeee. When he gets me there I called my mommy to come since Ray had to get back to the meeting. They gave me a shot of something stronger than morphine wow that was nice. I was in so much pain by then that my entire body was trembling it was scary and much worse than the kidney stone ever was. we did an ultrasound and found no blockage but everything was enflamed and irritated re: original reason they put the stint in. The Dr decided to keep me over on morphine until the swelling went down and I was more comfy what a nice guy.
They let me out Friday afternoon. I have been vegging on the couch since, I had to call in to work last night I didnt think going in on drugs and making life or death decisions was a good idea. Today I felt a little better I drank half a bottle of fleet stuff yesterday and have been taking lots of stool softners and today I finally had a poop I know TMIF but besides it ripping me a new ass it felt wonderful after 5 days. I hope this is the first and last kidney stone I ever get.

I want to thank everyone for the well wishes if you could do same for my friend Kat she is going in for a major neck operation tomorrow(monday) hopefully this is the last of the many spine operations she has already gone through. I will be thinking of her all day. Good luck my friend.


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