Sunday, June 15, 2008

What a crazy couple of weeks. I finished my old job last friday the 6th, went directly from there to bring Michael to the dentist, then went and met my friends to load up for the fiber frolic. Shawn and I spent the weekend in Windsor working his booth selling fiber and alpaca yarn for his farm Sunshine alpacas. Sunday we got done at 4 loaded up drove 2 hours home and unpacked by the time I got home it was 8:00 I dumped my suitcase into the wash and reloaded it for Monday. I left the house monday at 5:15 to meet my new coworker in Auburn then off to school. Here is a Picture of where I went to school for 3 days. Cool isnt it I guess it was a girls school many years ago. the inside is pretty modern but finding your way around and to lunch was tricky their are stairs and hallways everywheres.

we went to class 8-4 Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday we didnt get out until 8pm. then I had to drive 2 hours home I was soooo tired Thursday I had the day off had all kinds of stuff planned to do and didnt do anything but clean Mike's room and laundry.
Friday night was my first official night of work/training and let me say I think I'm reallly gonna like this job. Yes it was friday the 13th but it was busy and you never know what is happening next. it could be someone lost on the turnpike or a siezure, or a car accident. I cant tell about anything that happens but you get the idea. Yesterday we all went fishing down at the river after Mikes ballgame. and today its pouring so I think we are going to spend a quiet day at home.

Hope all is well with everyone.


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