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Monday, March 31, 2008

what a weekend

What a weekend it was up, down and crazzzyyy. Friday night after work I snuck out 15 minutes early we went and set up the pinewood derby track at church. After we were done I told Ray I wanted to run down and say happy birthday to one of my best friends mary lou. As I was sitting at the bar having an adult cocktail with her my ex husband walked in this is the man that ruined 5 years of my life. he was mentally, physically and emotionally abusive. He destroyed my dreams of being a cop by getting my self esteam so low I had a hard time picking my head up without crying if it wasnt for Kat and Lou I wouldnt have gotten through it. He beat his next girlfriend and high tailed it back to NY that was 9 years ago last month. I then picked myself up and met Ray a year later. Now I did see him every year at a local fair he came to work and that was enough for me so you can see why it was such a shock to see him out. Lou was just as shocked he had a pocket full of cash and was hammered (nothing new) he came in and said Shelly Belly, Lou Lou I'm back. I wanted to puke. He went to the other end of the bar and was reminising, he is working for an old friend from Maine building houses so he says, I couldnt take it I gave Lou a hug and said I'm sorry I have to go. She understood, on the way home I called Kat and vented everything to her Thanks Kat.

I did tell Ray because we are now really locking up the house at night my ex is the type to get shitfaced enough to show up and just walk in. Ray is cool he said if he comes on the deck I'll tell him to leave or I'm calling the cops if he steps foot in this house I will shoot him. I told him with a hug not if I do first. I so love Ray, that ended Friday.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and went to the pinewood derby.
then we went and bought guess what we bought I'm sooo excited a dishwasher. I hate doing dishes and have never every owned a dishwasher. I called today and we should be having it hooked up on Wednesday afternoon I'm getting out of work early to have my remicade treatment and that tires me out so I had the guys come that afternoon not like I'm going to help I'm just going to watch anyways.
after we picked the washer up we came home and my mom stopped by. Her and I went to Bobs to put a deposit on the couch we wont pick it up for awhile but we put a deposit on it. While there I went to the bargain basement and got a new desk it taller but smaller than our old desk I liked it and it was cheap all the scratches are hidden by the computer stuff.
Sunday morning we went to church to thank everyone for allowing us to hold the derby there, then we went grocery shopping and when we got home we flipped the living room completely around we had to so we could set the desk up. we would have had to anyways for the new couch but its done now we we soo tired I was sitting on the floor taking a break and the phone rang. yippeee it was the job I have been waiting to find out about I am on to the next faze of the process and if I pass this and one more test I have the job. I did find out it going to be a huge pay CUT yeah like 5 an hour cut but the benefits are better in the long run, and the retirement is better so we will have some decisions to make when the time comes but for now yippppeee.
Today at work we walked in to no heat again. Last week it was we were out of oil at least this week it was the furnice and someone came right out but you can see why that would be fustrating to work there.
Ok Mike is in bed, Ray is at tae kwon do and I'm going to watch tutors and knit. Later. I should have time to come back Wednesday while they are putting in my dishwasher. :-)


At 8:05 PM, Blogger Kat said...

You know I'm always here for you, no matter what time. Even during dinner. *wink*

On another note, Michael is getting freaking big! My god! The boy is growing up!
He looks great Shell, and congrats on getting the job offer. I'm so proud of you, I know you'll pass the tests.

At 2:12 AM, Blogger Isabel said...

Wow you are one busy bee! My life pales in comparison.

I hope you get the job situation you want, whether you switch or not.

Sorry about the run-in with the ex, he sounds like a scary guy. Your husband now sounds lovely! So nice to read about a guy who'll let a girl catch some zzz's and take care of himself for supper. :) What a sweetie!


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