Wednesday, March 19, 2008

well not much going on yesterday and I dont have anything planned for today.
Yesterday Jamie and I ran some errands it was nice spending time with her carting me around.
one of the things we did is go couch shopping when we get that tax refund we are going to do what the government wants spend it the couch I liked was at bobs in south portland what do you think. COUCH we might have to take out one of the cup holders otherwise it will be to long for the wall we are going back up on Saturday to measure it but so far this is the winning couch.
Then we called my meme and went to lunch at Applebees with her she wanted to spend some time with me while I was out of work so we went and picked her up. Also she paid so why not go get her and listen to her crab for a little while.
Another thing we looked at was tv's ours has a line on going through it and the volume goes up and down all by itself. What is it with tv's I have one that is 20 years old that still works good its small so its in the game room for the playstation and this one is 7 years old and its junk. we looked at bestbuy at a 32" I'm still not convinced though it doesnt look right because its a rectangle not a square. I have a beautiful tv stand so we cant go any bigger because we would need a new stand and thats not going to happen but looking at the store I cant figure out if I like it or not. Yes I am also working on convincing meme to get us a tv it will take some work but we'll keep trying.
and the last thing we looked at was a dishwasher I have never owned one and this will be the year I will have a dishwasher. the sucky part is it has to be only 18" we have absolutely no way to fit a full size dishwasher into our kitchen so we stopped at Vics on the way to pick up Mike at school. They keep one in stock at all times because alot of the elderly housing in the area uses them so they keep one in the werehouse just in case.
the funny thing is I'm still on painkillers (reason Jamie is driving ) thats the only reason I made it through the day the only thing is they make me sweat alot. I am sooo hot all the time meme was giving me hell for not wearing my jacket but man I was sticky.
Today I am Not doing anything or going anywheres unless Doc calls I'm still trying to get in to have him look at my shoulder. I feel like I have had a rib out of place since my surgery, he tryed to fix it before I left the hospital but its still really sore I cant take a deep breath and yawning forget it I want to die. lets say I'm hoping thats all it is. his office called yesterday but he was out delivering a baby so she said she would call me when she had an opening. we are having Rays buddy Tim over for dinner his birthday is sometime in the next week watch that is when the doc will call and Ray will have to drive me sorry Tim no choice on this one but isnt that the way things usually work.
****update**** the docs office just called @10am and they had a cancellation at you guessed it 5pm now this is the doc that is always running late so I will call @ 4:30 and see how far behind he is before driving all the way there. I did call Ray and tell him he should just take Tim out to dinner without me. Jamie will bring me to see Doc and maybe we will stop for burgers or something on the way home if its not midnight. ****

ok I'm going to work on my knitting with sara in my lap and maybe nap see ya later.


At 10:03 PM, Anonymous devilish southern belle said...

I love the sofa! I have a 17 year old RCA tv that I LOVE....only thing is, I've lost the original remote, really need the caption feature, and can't get that to work without the remote. I think it's starting to get a little darker, too. And the sound isn't very good anymore. But I can't find one that I like....I feel like I should get another RCA because I have been so happy with this one. I know nothing about all the new brands. Maybe I can see if our digital cable provider has a way for me to set captions via their cable box. And I guess surround sound would help with the sound quality of the tv. Wonder if they make caption devices?

Good luck finding a tv you like!


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