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Monday, March 17, 2008


mmmm look what I'm having for breakfast.

Peanut butter egg mmmm Kat they are sooooo good.

for those that dont know Kat and I have been best friends since like forever well the last couple of years my DH and I have gone to her parents house every snowstorm to shovel them out. We dont ask for money but mom pays us in food glorious food. So this weekend when Ray went down he picked up a batch of peanut butter eggs mmmm and a box of peanut butter fudge his favorite and some muffins for breakfast since she knows I'm not feeling to good to be cooking Thanks mom check this out.

onto spinning and knitting news. the last few months I have been spinning up a storm See. There are 8 balls there with a little over 200 yards in each I am planning on making this Gansey sweater for Ray. I told him the only catch was if it came out good and I'm really hoping it does I want to enter it in the fairs this fall. He was ok with that so after I finish my grandmothers cape which I'm sure she will hate that is my next project.

oh and I have to thank Jeannie. I had bought the pattern online and realized I didnt have the glossary for interweave to go with it. So I put out a call on knittyboard looking for the 2004 fall interweave book and she had it. I got it last week and in return send her a half pound of salt water taffe from dickinsons candy shop of course I had to buy some for myself too. I got it sent out to her on Friday after I got out of the hospital. I'm just glad Ray and Mike didnt eat it all on me.

Well my dad is surposed to take me out for breakfast I hope soon I'm starved not that the eggs werent filling. talk to you later


At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mine should be here today, but I don't think she sent any muffins.


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