Friday, June 08, 2007

Bet you didn't think I would be back did ya. mmm fooled you. I have been trying to keep up with everyone blogs but life has been absolutely crazy in every way.
lets have a brief recap.
1st my darling daughter fell and broke her foot at her house and I was made to feel like the bad person she played her dad and I against each other really hard. I'm tired of her making me sad and have come to the conclusion I will not let her do this to me any more its not worth it.
2nd my husband decided to empty the gas out of the boat and put it in his truck to save a couple of bucks and it cost us over $900 to get the entire fuel system redone and cleaned the gas was old wouldnt burn and was mostly water.
Then there is work, t-ball tae kwon do and a new puppy. I did Finally get my sweater done when I pick up some batteries for the camera I will take some pictures I love it sooo much my friend Pam put it together for me and put the zipper in. I cant thank her enough I might try to find her some nice yarn at the fiber frolic Saturday. I'm going up with some friends.

oh and to top the month absence I have had a heck of a time with my joints just before my remicade treatments I would be really really sore like cant walk or get up in the morning sore.Well I broke down and called the doc and guess what I have arthritis they don't know if is psoratic or rheumatoid yet because they are all in the same family with my crohns and psoriasis. we have to kind of wait and see I just had a treatment this Wed and am starting to feel a little better he want to see what is going to happen just before my next treatment and we might have to move them back from 8 weeks to 7 if the last week is the only time its bothering me.

on a good note the puppy is doing great I run home every day at lunch to let her out and if I cant make it my dad or meme goes over, she might pee in her cage on a long day but other than that no accidents she is super smart we really enjoy her.
So now I leave you with a couple of pictures .
Michael was a hit at the ice cream social for cub scouts with his game boy thing wait its not a game boy I stand corrected its a ds light.

later I will try not to be soo long between post.


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