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Monday, April 16, 2007

water water everywhere

Normally I love living in the northeast but today I could live without this weather it has been poring for two days with no end in site. check out these pictures this is the parking lot where I work. Yeah I'm the last one to leave and the next is at the water just at the edge of the parking lot I figure it will be over by tomorrow. they say several houses in my town will be in the ocean by morning. That is normally a 3-4 foot brook nice isnt it.

on other news we are looking for a puppy preferable a beagle to do outdoor stuff with us I might have found one if she is still available Friday we asked if we could meet her. Want to see, I'll show you but I get first dibs ok. cross your fingers I think she would be a perfect fit to our family. her name is starlight

I'll let you know how it goes I better shut the computer off before the power goes out and I mess it up.



At 7:17 AM, Blogger Kari said...

Hope y'all made it through the weather ok.

The beagle is adorable!
I love our beagle. She is such a sweetie.
Too bad your not in our area I know a very good beagle breeder.


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