Monday, March 19, 2007

Well this is starting off to be another fine week, I’ve been sick as hell all weekend, coughing, sore throat the works. Yesterday I noticed my glands in my neck were swollen and the pain was traveling up to my ear.
But the pig head that I am decided to go to work today since I input all of our divisions timecards for payroll on Mondays. And wouldn’t you have it my wonderful co partner had to start in right away. It was nice Friday after the shit on Thursday he didn’t speak to me at all on Friday. Well this morning I took a call for him and the tec. asked how I was feeling because I didn’t sound to good. I told him I have a cold but I’m here so I transfer to call to my co-worker and after he answers he said “yeah she’s always sick with something” I lost it I told him that was enough I’m putting an end to this I’m tired of all the comments it is not needed. So next I called our HR guy and made a complaint he is coming up from Mass to speak to him. I told him I feel bad but I’ve had enough so he asked why haven’t you talked to *** my direct boss, well last year when this same stuff was happening I did and for my review I was told I need to try and get along with the person better. Me had to try not him like it was my fault.
He must know something is up because he hasn’t spoken to me since doesn’t break my heart.
So after this happens I called my doctor and finally some luck he had a cancellation in 30 minutes could I make it. You bet your ass I drove like hell to get there for the time they said then had to wait another 20 min to get seen. He said I didn’t have strep I gagged on the stick, but my glands were really swollen in my throat no shit they hurt like hell. He thinks its something bacterial so he gave me some antibiotics and some cough syrup and told me to take the day off and sleep but I didn’t I came back to work. Hey don’t want to fan the flames here and make them right, until this is over I will be here no matter what if I can help it. I have to see him again on Wednesday with Mike to check how his meds are doing and he is going to check my glands again then.

So how is that for a Monday.

Edit @ 3:30: like I said its a Monday I just got a call from Mike's principal apparently this med is not going to work from him he is doing good with it except for one not so minor problem when you correct him now he gets very VERY angry. I guess today he got mad and crawled under his desk and the teacher had to get the principal to get him out and have a talk with him she said this is not our sweet little michael so tomorrow and wednesday we are not going to give him any meds at all until we get to see the doc in the afternoon. I would rather have him not pay attention then to get angry like that.
My day cannot get any better can it.


At 7:49 PM, Blogger kat said...

Good for you for going to HR. That guy needs to know this type of comments creates a hostile work environment an will not be tolerated.

They will find a med Mike can take and will be good for him, just hang in there.


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