Monday, January 15, 2007

I was emailed that if I didnt remove the post about what happened in sp I would be banned and that shipping doesnt count toward the $60.
So to clarify what I bought without shipping or the free stuff which was pointed out was free and I guess you cant send free stuff.
candles red one at fair $1.50
colored ones $5.00
hand cream $4.00
home made lamp $15.00 to $20 depending on where the craft fair is being held anyone want a break down on what I spend on materials. and the 2+ hours it takes me to make them let me know.
bear $12.00
syrup $5.00
spindle $5.00
book $13.00 or so it came out to 26 at the store for 3 things. plus tax
fiber $8.00

I get over 60 not including all the free yard I sent. I think I have forfulled my obligation. as far as taking my post down if the person cant thank me on their blog for something I spent my money on which is also part of the agreement than I cant take this down. I dont think my husband will let me do another one anyway, he said I cant do it if its going to make me cry. I have been an angel is sp's in the past I have helped in every way possible and never asked for anything matter of fact I didnt even reveil it was me I dont want or expect much in this just a thank you. I just thought the whole thing was fun. I might like to do another one someday. The hostesses have been absulutly wonderful I appreciate all there hard work. I volunteer at a bunch of other things or I would have for this I just dont have the time to commit to it like these wonderful woman do.

thank you Friends and have a nice day.

here is a picture of the lamps I make I have all kinds of different shades for different seasons it depends on the fair. They are filled with potpurii and have an on/off switch on the cord. we use ours as night lights all over the house the jars dont heat up as the light is above the jar and yes they are all hand painted.


At 6:52 AM, Blogger Kari said...

omg, I am so glad I never joined up with them. That is outrageous! I never would now.
Stick with your guns. If they ban you so what? Sounds like they aren't worth it anyway.

Sorry you have had this trouble. There are other swaps and swap places out there.

I will do my tag later today when I have more time!

At 8:13 AM, Blogger kat said...

So the snobby ungrateful women emailed you to take it down?! fuck that Shell!
Don't do another one, don't sign up for it again. There are other knitting swaps to join up with.

Screw her!!!


At 12:26 AM, Blogger Isabel said...

Mainiax, the swap thing is so messed up. Your SP was ungrateful and obviously wasn't raised to know that it's the thought that counts, let alone the effort. Your frank description of what happened and how you felt seems perfectly reasonable to me: it's your blog and your life. Plus, it helps people like me who have never done a swap understand the cons as well as the pros.

Should they ban you? How about banning the ingrate? I mean, what is it, they want to silence you on your own blog because you had a negative experience?

SP isn't an Amazon wish list where you spell out what you want exactly or a shopping list or registry. It's a chance for surprises and to make new friends. Your SP sounds like she wanted you to either be a mind reader or get her exactly what she wants some other way.

To SP I say: you can't tell someone what to say on their own blog. I mean you *apologised* in your post. What's wrong with that? She hasn't apologised yet...


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