Thursday, January 04, 2007

phew I'm caught up with all my stuff. We just did end of year at work what a pain in the but that is. Now I finally have 5 minutes to catch everyone up on me and my family.

Christmas::: Was great for the first time that I can remember oh since I was 15 or so I actually had my mom over for Christmas morning, her and my stepdad always went to his kids house and they are kinda pissy at each other right now so we got the benefit of that. My dad and Katie also came over and my grandmother, We had a housefull for about 4 hours and I loved it. I made 3lbs of bacon, eggs and toast for everyone. There was no fighting and we all got great gifts. I had bought my meme a parrakeet since she is alone now I thought it would be something for her to talk to. Now she tells me its dumb just sits in its food all day and doesnt sing very well, I cant win but she likes it anyways. I got my mom a very, very small pair of diamond earings and she cried, she has always wanted diamonds even though you need a microscope to see them she liked them anyways thats my mom for you. after everyone left we sat around watched movies and played with Michaels new toys the rest of the day.

Last Thursday Rays mom came over for the night to see Michael and brought him his gifts, I had to run to ll beans for a minute so I didnt have to spend much time with her. Michael enjoys seeing her.
Saturday we drove to Mass to see Rays grandmother, she is having a harder time without her husband than my meme is. They would have been married 60 years this april that amazing. We stopped at his dads and then drove home. Its always a long but enjoyable day.

For new years my dad, Katie, Mark and Tim came over we all drank and played cards nothing special but my cheeks did hurt from laughing soooo much.

That is really all my news I finished my fingerless gloves with the yard one of my secret pals gave me when I get a minute at home I'll take a picture new years day I made a pair of mittens for Michael he keeps losing them and outside the other day it was damp so we kept throwing the pairs he had in the dryer when they were done he would swap again, My pal got her package accourding to UPS late because of all the snow they have but she got is. I hope she liked it she hasnt posted about it yet.
My pal contacted me I am looking for a box from her, the others were great and I'm sure this one will be to.
Ok time to go home


At 11:57 AM, Blogger kat said...

Sounds like a good holiday. :) Glad you all had a nice time.


At 1:08 PM, Blogger Isabel said...

Hey Mainiax, about those cables... they were so difficult! Here's a video about knitting cables:

I use that site all the time for knitting help. But seriously, that hat was very fiddly with the dpns and the little cables everywhere. I know some people can knit without a cable needle, like Grumperina:

I can't do that yet. But if you want to make a hat like Shedir, I think it would be way easier without having to use a cable needle!


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