Wednesday, November 22, 2006


hello everyone are you all ready for thanksgiving, I am because I'm not cooking I'm going to my moms and I'm very happy with that.
well this week is flying by last Saturday Ray got another deer it was a small one but it will taste good, the only problem was our little freezer in the shed is already full so full we had a case of water on top to hold it closed,(not a bad thing) so Saturday night we went to Best buy and bought a BIG stand up freezer and it has a light, why am I excited about a light because there isnt one in the shed and everytime I went out to get something I had a flashlight between my teeth while digging into the small freezer trying to find what I wanted not fun. This new one has a big draw on the bottom I'm going to put all the hamburger in and shelves on the door for the sausage and 4 big shelves inside, can you tell how excited I am just for a freezer, I'm most happy about the fact it will be mostly full for the winter.
Michael got his report card yesterday and he did really good he got all 2's and 3's with 4 being the best and he got a couple of those too. I believe he did so good because of the note on the bottom she wrote " I can see Michael really trying but getting fustrated with distractions, I think it really helps that we have such open communication and can only see him getting better because of it" That makes the mom in me feel good.
Yesterday I started my light treatment for my psoriasis, wow is it quick I'm in there no exageration 30 second naked, then put a shirt and underwear on and get in for 30 more seconds, I really hope this helps, cross you fingers, I think she is going to take out my stitches today also, she said it looks good, I hope so they stick to my shirt and itch, The biopsy results arent back yet I wish they would hurry up I always get ansy waiting.
Tonight is my night I'm going to see the Trans-Syberian Orchestra I am taking my friend Lori, she is picking me up at work at 5, the show starts at 7:30, I cant wait we have 3rd row seats I bought them as soon as the presale started, she has never heard of them but I think she'll like it, after the show I might talk her into going out for a drink in the old port, just because.

tomorrow morning I'm going bow hunting lets fill the big freezer then we are going to my moms, this is the last weekend for gun hunting and Ray has one more permit to fill so we will be out Fri-Saturday, Now that Ray is all done the old job we will be able to spend so much more time together, he starts the new job on Monday.

knitting news: my pal did get her box she was on vaca and got it when she got home I'm glad nothing got broken.
At church last week I asked for a prayer blanket to be sent to my friend Kats mom she is having a lump removed from her breast, as soon as I get done the blanket for my friends baby I'm going to make a couple of lap blankets for the church, I would have made her one myself but I'm just not fast enough to get it done in time for her. If any of my readers want to knit a lap blanket for the church drop me a note and I'll send you the address, they just want small lap blankets nothing to big in case the person getting it is in a wheelchair.

All and all this has been a really great week.
Please have a safe and happy turkey day.


At 7:46 PM, Blogger Heatherly said...

do you know about the spa knit & spin in maine?
It's held at the Doubletree in Portland, ME on the weekend of Feb. 17 - 18, 2007. Apparently it's the 5th Annual. The Doubletree is already booked but the Hampton Inn in South Portland is also taking reservations and giving the event rate of $70.00 + tax per night.

At 4:53 PM, Blogger Belle said...

I am so jealous....I want to go ogle Chris Caffery! But I don't think I'll get to make it out to one of their shows.


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