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Sunday, October 08, 2006

happy birthday Michael

Today is my little guys 6th birthday. We got up this morning and I made him french toast for breakfast and we went to church. Michael really loves Sunday school, after class he learned about lighting the candles on the alter when mass starts. Next week he will be doing it for the first time, its funny how excited and important he felt. He also wants to join the jr choir and play I dont care its just one more night we will now have something to do out of the house, like he doesnt do enough already. I took a few pictures today the first one is of Michael and his big sister Jamie she rarely lets me take her picture and she is soo pretty I loved this picture.

the second picture is of me with my parents I dont have many of those either. I am very lucky in the way that my parents divorced when I was 12 but they have always remained friends to this day. Right after the party Ray and Michael left to go to my mother in laws house until Wednesday. They are going bird hunting up there its a good dad/son vaca they try to do every year but I miss them already. The next couple of days will be boring in a good way.

Hey whats up with my knitting I finished the sweater for michael I so wanted him to wear it up to my mother in laws because she is so good I wanted her to be impressed one problem Michael grew faster than I could knit, I knit the largest pattern but I think it was made for small children or for the smallest 8 year old size I've ever seen. Then when I was at my appointment at the hospital this week I started a hat for my stepdad. He was over today and it is HUGE on him like twice as big as it should have been. This is about the 7th hat I have made using this pattern but I have always done it in wool which he is allergic to so this one was pure acrilic and it sucked. So this week I get to go by new yarn and start a new one. I'll donate the big one to the church cloths drive someone will have a big head there I'm sure.

Ok I have to go do nothing thats weird to say. If you want to see all my pictures of the party go to the photo album on the right

p.s I heard from my next secret pal already this is going to be fun already.



At 9:32 PM, Blogger kat said...

Oh my god I suck. I forgot his birthday. Marking it in my calendar now for next year.
tell him the boys and I say happy birthday. :)


At 1:33 AM, Blogger Belle said...

You and your family are so gorgeous! I don't have many pics with my parents, either. Or many recent pics of the boys :/

I need to change that!

And happy belated to your little man!


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