Thursday, August 31, 2006

its only Thursday and I'm having a great week!!! the rash cream seems to be working it burned like hell the first couple of times I put it on now its not so bad. the soars are drying up and the scales are leaving, my hair isnt growing yet but I'm being impatient I want my hair back.
Tuesday night I went to the Portland Fiber Gallery Melody is teaching me how to crochet remember the sampler square afgan I have on my ufo list well it has crochet edges and she helped me figure out how to at least do that.

Wednesday Michael started 1st grade look at how much my little guy has grown in one year the first picture is of kindergarden and now first grade. He was nervous getting on the bus but said the rest of the day was ok.

Wednesday night I went to see my friend Lori. We sat around her pool and had a couple of coctails. It was a nice girls night out I think I really needed that alot. When I got home there was a card that I had a box at the post office, I tell you even though it was midnight if they had been open I would have went to get it. I figured it was my from my secret pal and all my other packages have been great so I knew this one would be too. I had to fill out all Michaels school papers before bed I was sum tired this morning.

I wanted my box so bad that I called my dads girlfriend Kati and asked her if she could go pick it up for me. Let me tell you I'm glad I did and so was Michael. Tammy you are a sneak, you see everyone Tammy was the hostess for my SP7 group and we emailed back and forth alot. She has been a great support for me and she was sneaky she would send some replys as my secret pal and some as herself, and I have her on my blog roll.

Tammy, Michael was soooo excited about the game I am going to install it after supper for him.
While it installs I will be reading my big girl knits book. That book was on my amazon favorites forever. I kept saying I have to get that and then something would come up.
Know what the best part of SP8 has been for me is that Tammy got to know me, not just as a secret pal but as a friend so thank you Tammy for absolutly everything..
My pal got her present she emailed me that she liked it so I at least know she got it. I will definately be doing SP9 This round had been great Have I said thank you Tammy.
Here are a couple more pictures, Michael with his game and of all my presents and that not counting the other stuff she sent before havent I been lucky.


At 8:44 PM, Blogger Tammy said...

Woot! So happy to hear your rashes are clearing up and you like the pressies. We had our fingers crossed that Michael didn't have the game already.

When I picked up your book I had to get one for myself, haven't knit anything yet but it looks awesome. Let me know what your going to make when you've decided.

Take care, I will be keeping in touch.
Your not so secret pal, Tammy


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