Thursday, August 24, 2006

Doc is off on Mondays
Called Tuesday left voice mail around 10am
Called Wednesday at 9:30
Called today at 11.
Still no call back do these nurses not understand that I'm losing my f***en hair, and the welts on my legs HURT and I sit all day so its not very comfy. I'm not even trying to get in to see him just give me a list of dermatologist and I'll call to see if they take my insurance. I've had enough.
oh and the doc is off on Friday
I don't blame him and I usually like his staff but this is ridiculous. Even a call back to say I'm working on it Something. If I don't get a call back by tomorrow I'm just going to grab a phone book and start calling. Screw it. I don't want to get in next month I want to get in next week before I'm bald. Everyone at work will be back from vaca so I can go any day.
I guess this is why I always make a point to call customers back and tell them if we are delayed or to just say I got your message and will call back when I get an answer. For the amount that the doc charges you would think customer courtesy would be a big thing.
Sorry for the vent I 'm not sleeping good right now and I'm tired and agrivated.
I'll let you know when and if they call back or if I find someone on my own.

update 3:45
I got a call your not gonna believe this shit they cant get me in to the dermatologist until OCT 2, they can have me see the nurse practitioner at my docs office this monday at 1. Alot of good that is going to do my doc has looked at it a couple of times but its not his specialty so thats why he wants me to see a derm. I called the dermatologist myself and told them if you have any cancellations in either of their offices please call me I'm gonna be bald by october. I am still at work or I would be sitting here crying my eyes out. ok got to go before I do.


At 8:29 AM, Blogger Kari said...

*hugs* Wish I could say somehting to make it all better hun.


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