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Monday, August 07, 2006

things are getting better

Things are slowly returning to normal. We went down on Tuesday just Ray and I for the funeral and burial they didnt want any kids there just adult family only. It was a nice simple service they did a masonic mass. He was a mason for 54 years. Grandma help up better than Ray's mom she had a complete brakedown. He was such it a good man it was hard not to loose it. Rays uncle actually had to walk Ray away from the grave when it was time to leave. He took it pretty hard they were so close.
Saturday we drove back down with the kids for a memorial mass. The church was completely full. It started with a few songs and poems that grandma had written. She wrote organ music for the church for years. then lots of people got up and spoke about grampa 4 different pasters he worked with over the years. Michael held up ok. he handed out the mass cards at the door and after a few songs he lost it. He was next to me and just started shaking and crying. He hopped down hugged Ray and said I want to go outside now. So his sister took him out she said he cried for a few more minutes saying why did both my grampas have to go to heaven couldnt god leave one of them here for me. it was really hard on him, they played out back on the swings until the mass was over with. Then we all went downstairs for snacks and to see all the people. The place was packed.
Then we went to see Rays dad he wasn't out fishing this weekend (he does commercial scallop fishing for weeks at a time) and said happy birthday to him.
We were surposed to go fishing with his friend Billy but he was tied up so we took the kids to Buttonwood park to see the animals and just relax for a little while thats where I took this picture of the kids.

Sunday morning Ray wanted to start fishing early and I mean early we were in the boat moving at 3am. Michael spent the night at my dads with his cousin Katy brought the kids to meet us at the doc around 8 and we started catching sand sharks like crazy, we even moved half a mile and still caught sand sharks. But know what the kids had fun and thats all that matters. our buddy Mark was with us thank god since we caught sharks ever line down and with both boys with us I didnt want to be the one taking them off the hooks.
We did catch a couple of Cod also but not big enough to keep. Oh I do need to tell you one thing we didnt get any fish to speak of before picking up the boys so going out that early was kinda a running joke I kept telling ray. So why is it that we got out of bed so early he just snickered.

So as you can tell I'm feeling a little better mentally, physically I still have a nasty rash and called to doc to see if I can get in and get it rechecked he said it was egsima on my hands and phoriasis on my head but now I have spots of raw on my legs and it itches like a bastard then bleeds. Last time the doc said that it was probably the Remicade reducing my immune system so its making the rash worse I dont know but I want it gone. I have another Remicade treatment on Wednesday and they give me steriods just before so maybe that will clear it up. We'll see. The remicade is helping my crohns so what is the lesser of the two evils rash or poops mmmm hard decision.
I'll try to be better now about posting I hope that all this crazyness has stopped for awhile and we can get back to normal.
See ya around soon.


At 12:59 PM, Blogger Kari said...

Hope you get to feeling better hun. It's a rough go but it gets better.
Hubby is a Mason.


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