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Monday, August 07, 2006

unfinished objects

here are some photos of my unfinished objects. I was asked to show these off as part of Secret Pal 8. our hostess shelby is having a little contest for everyone showing off their projects
my first unfinished object and the newest one I've started is a sweater for Michael its hunter orange so he can wear it bird hunting with dad in October. I got this yard from my secret pal its the perfect color.

the next one is one of my oldest its a red lace sweater from sweater babe that someone on Knitty board help me to make a little larger for me. I was having a hard time with the lace pattern after I got the back all done and put it in the basket until I get ambitious.

these are the crochet seat pads I learned how to make at the Maine Fiber Frolic this year. I have one more to make for my moms birthday at the end of this month. They are made with strips of fabric and were really easy even for me. I am still confused about crocheting tho.

This is the first block for a sampler afghan for my mom this MIGHT get done for my moms next year birthday I did the square but it has a crochet edge and like I said I'm just learning how to crochet and the directions for this are really confusing to me I need to get someone to help me get started.

and last but not least this is what will be the most expensive sweater I have ever made for myself its 60/40 pure black wool and natural black alpaca. I bought the wool with the help of my friend Melodie at the fiber frolic the base cost was way more that I had with me. So she put up the cost for me and I bought it from her shop the Portland Fiber Gallery. Then I brought the fleece to my fried Lori's brand new fiber mill (Flaggy Meadow Fibers). Well Lori raises beautiful alpacas and she processed some alpaca with my wool and its absulutly fabulous. I had her spin it for me too just because I'm still a beginner spinner and this is three ply and very consistant I cant wait to knit it up its gonna be super warm for them chilly nights in Maine Next winter.

So that is my list of unfinished objects I have another post about whats been going on with me at home but this post seemed a little bit more cheery to do right this minute. I'll be back later today.


At 3:02 PM, Blogger Shelby said...

Thanks so much for posting the pics for me!! I really love seeing what everyone is up to. I have to say the black wool/alpaca is absolutely amazing!!! I'll have my list up in a few prepared to be shocked at how many I have!


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