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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

finally a couple of good days

Well I’ve had a better couple of days, papa isn’t any better he’s getting worse but he is still alive.
Saturday we worked around the house all day and Sunday I took Michael to see a Sea dogs game in Portland here he is getting a really hot players autograph I don’t remember his name but he was nice on the eyes.

Tuesday I went and got my first ever pedicure. I’ve never ever had one. It was kinda cool here is a picture of my pretty toes. I had her paint my fingers the same color. My nails are good but it was really nice to be pampered just for a few minutes. When a girl at work told me she was going to get her hands done last night I had her ask how much the toes were and it was pretty reasonable from what I’ve heard.

Last night ray called and made our camping reservations in solon, Maine at what looks like a cool campground on the Kennebec river its called Evergreens Campground, we splurged and rented a small cabin. We figured this either its gonna be hot as hell in the cabin, or its gonna rain and we’d be in a tent. At least with the cabin if it rains we will have a nice deck to sit on. This will be out big trip of the summer, I want to climb cadilac mountain just once and see the sun rise but that will be a quick trip.

This weekend we will be painting the deck and building the side stairs, after that all we have to do is save up for the siding then the park can kiss my ass.
We also have to finish fixing a couple of little things on the boat then we can just fish for a couple of days and enjoy it.

Thanks again for the good thoughts its been a rough couple of weeks, we will get through it but I tend to get down and it helps to have friends to vent to again thanks.


At 3:11 PM, Blogger Spencer said...

What a cool blog you got here and vent away that is what blogs are for. Have a good weekend!

At 4:37 AM, Blogger dan said...

sorry to hear about your papa.

At 10:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear papa is doing so bad. :( He always made me laugh watching all the butts go

I think I
m gonna get a pedicure tomorrow. I can no longer reach my toes and they need some attention.

Later girl. :)



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