Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Saturday morning was spent visiting a couple of friends houses first we went to Lori's house and Michael got to feed the alpacas and lamas. He thinks they are great but they aren't very petty and tend to run way if you don't have food.

Next we went to another friends and he got to play with the baby lambs they were about a week old..
Then we went to Bens house he has a baby beef cow born that morning but more important he got to play with Ben who just got home last week from Iraq. Michael was worried about him the entire time he was gone and every time he saw a solder from Maine had died he would cry thinking it was Ben he just didn't understand.So it was really good to see him.
Saturday afternoon we went to my old bosses daughters birthday party and did we ever get a party favor. He gave us an 18 foot boat, and told us to fix it up and sell it for him and we could keep whatever we made. I know we just bought the other boat last week but what the hell we went and got it last night. The trailer is better on this one than the one we have so we are going to swap the trailers and sell the other one. We should make enough to finish installing new windows in the living room and get the rest of the gear we need for our boat. I cant believe he did that it definitely pays to not burn any bridges.
Sunday we went to Mass to see Ray's grandparents I hate that ride my crohns is acting up and I had to stop every half hour to go to the bathroom. We get all the way there and guess what his mom forgot to recall them and tell them we were coming so they had plans we did hang out for a little while. Michael read a book to his great grampa then they went for a walk in the woods and came home with two jars of frog eggs that are now in a tank on my kitchen table.
While we were there Ray's sister Bridget gave us a 45 gal corner fish tank. Its really nice she gave us the stand and all. We are going to put it in the kitchen after we finish the floor this weekend, I don't want to set it up then have to take it back down in a week.

Michaels tonsils or where the tonsils were was really sore Sunday and Monday nights so yesterday Ray brought him in for a recheck. He was complaining that his ears were bothering him and that's not like him at all but the doc said the pain was just radiating from his throat and nothing was wrong and this should be the worse day of it all cuz the scabs fell off and everything was tender in there.

Today I have to go into the hospital for an iv infusion the doc decided that the was to go next was Remicade for my crohns its very expensive so they don't do it unless nothing else works and that's my case I'm so tired of pooping I know to much info but its my blog.I brought my knitting with me so I would have something to do while I was there they doc said I should see results by the second treatment which is in two weeks then I go in 6 weeks then after I go every 8 for who knows how long So I get this to look forward to but if it works I don't care. Actually its better than taking 8 pills a day in my opinion.
Well I better get back to work I've been screwing off long enough I just cant wait to get out of here. Later.


At 11:35 AM, Blogger barrydublin said...

have ditched the old nightshift blog, now running with one called the dayshift, highly original, will update links real soon, unable to use blogroll on my machine ???

someone already squatting on me old sight


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