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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mrs worry wart

Oh my god if I was any more of a worry wart I think my ulcers would have ulcers. These last couple of weeks are enough to get even me and I'm a pro. First papa breaks a couple of toes and is put in the veterans home. Then Ray gets sick and has his appendix out. Yesterday papa had a TIA which they tell me is a mini stroke he was better by the time I got to the home last night just real weak. My dads girlfriend Katie has fluid in her lungs and dad brought her to the er today. Michael was up allll night last night coughing and complaining about his throat again. So no school for him today Ray is on his way home with him from the doctors right now, the doc is calling in a referral to an ear,nose and throat doc its time to get his tonsils out. 4 strep cases in 13 months the doc wasn't all in favor of it cuz its borderline for the taking them out but enough is enough lets just get it done now during April vaca I hope I'm tired of my little guy getting sick and during his vacation his big sister can stay with him during the day so we wont miss work either.
I worry about my family, my work, is the present I bought good enough, do people like me am I a good enough friend. I wish I could stop this but I cant and I'm sitting here typing this waiting for word on Katie drinking a glass of wine worrying. I am so tired Calgone take me away pleaseeee. I so need the lazy days of spring and summer just to sit on the deck and do my knitting. You would think that all this worrying about everybody else I wouldn't have time to worry about myself, wrong I'm my own worse enemy, will my crohns get better, will I have to have surgery myself, does Ray still find me attractive the whole nine yards ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Oh before I forget I finished the alpaca scarf I was making my meme I'll take a picture of that later but I need to figure out how to fix it right now it curled bigtime on me it 16 stitches wide on #10's and quite long but its all curled in I have never ironed anything to flatten it out I'm not sure how long to do it without ruining the scarf completely any knitting helpers out there HELP!! And I'm still working on the back of my red sweater I'm a slow knitter I'll take a picture of that as soon as I get the back done to show you I'm really working on it.
I'm going to get another glass of wine and go worry till my boys get home good night.


At 10:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

am I a good enough friend

You got this one covered awesome Shell. I'm so sorry that everything is happening at once to make you worry so much but I do know how that is.
You need to try and relax a little bit or you're gonna get ulcers on your

Love ya!



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