Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I cant believe its been a week I'm sorry. I went from not being able to sleep to all I want to do is sleep. I dont know if its the meds or just me burning out. lets see the week in review.
Wednesday was tae kwon do my mother in law was here so she took Michael, Ray and I snuck off for a dinner alone.
Thurday I had an eye doctor appointment and decided not to go back to work. Ray and I went to a local boat show that was a joke we are looking for a cheap used boat they had nothing there under 17,000 yeah ok payments would be 180 a month for get this 12 years NOT. thats longer than we took out for our house. After the show I went to a friends house she raises alpacas what cool little animals not only do they have really soft fiber but they are cool looking. A couple of other friends met there too and we all sat around drinking wine and shooting the shit I had a great time but I hit the pillow hard and didnt want to get up for work friday morning.
Friday, Ray left for a work trip they had to work all night friday and saturday in NH all for OT moving a wearhouse.he is putting it all in the boat fund. Jamie my daughter decided to come over so I snuck out for a few minutes to visit my friend Lou at the bar she works at I'm such a woose I was home by 9. Jamie and I just sat around shooting the shit.
Saturday. This I think is the real reason Jamie came over we went and got her class ring I know she is only a softmore but its kinda a bribe so she doesnt quit school. Then we stopped at filenes they are going out of business can you believe the deal I got 2 angora sweater for 10 each they are normally like 90 I was soo excited. I am going to stop by there again today and see what they have left.
Sunday. Ray came home, we did groceries, I made lasagna and other than that we did nothing.
Monday I took michael to tae kwon do he was being a little shit so we left early I think he is tired too we went to bed early. I finished the alpaca/wool scarf I was knitting out of the stuff I spun myself.

Thats is my week in review not very exciting.. Sweater update the red sweater I'm making I almost have the back done I was working on it friday and messed up the pattern so I had to take 4 rows out man that takes longer than actually knitting it the first time. I now have it back on track I did take a break from it to make my scarf but now I'll be working on that and reading the new steven king book the cell I borrowed from a friend.


At 3:27 PM, Blogger Belle said...

You have been quite busy; I'd be ready to hit the pillow hard and not wake up again the next morning, too.


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