Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I did it I went to spinning class it was really fun there are 3 other ladies there and we all get to take our wheels home to practice I just wish they gave us more wool. I really really need to practice I had never spun before and I suck. I keep getting the wool to thin and tight and it would bunch up I had to pull it back and take the twist out and try again. When we left I was no better so I just sat here and spun half of what I was given while watching Idol. I think I could become addicted if I ever get it right sssh dont tell ray it will be months before I can afford my own wheel but I can dream. If any of my knitter friends out there see a real cheap wheel let me know. I am going to the spa weekend in Portland next month I guess there are alot of venders there but its also a week after I get back from florida so maybe just maybe I can not splerge in fl. I might be able to pick a little something up. But the class was fun and I met some new people nobody I would hang with all the time but hey you never know.
I got the damn sniffles from michael its time to take some nyquil and hit the bed good night all.


At 11:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I won't be around to take you places to splurge on stuff so maybe that will

Check ebay for cheap wheels and flea markets.



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