Monday, January 02, 2006

I cant believe I havent posted in a week. I had a good Christmass but I got really bummed out Christmas day afternoon. Thats probably why I havent blogged I just didnt feel like being very social. What happened was I told everyone that we would be home Christmas day stop in and say hi. I made turkey and weiners, pies and snacks and do you think even one friend showed nope. I had all this food for nothing and people had said we have nothing to do we'll be over. I hate that it just made me really depressed I didnt even get out of my pj's last Monday.
I had to work the rest of the week and we were really busy. Friday when I got out we got into the truck and drove down to Rays family's in Mass. This time we stayed at a holiday inn that had an indoor pool and a hot tub, but the hottub wasnt very hot they front desk said they were haveing problems with it. So Ray and I swam around for awhile Friday night and Michael went down Sat morning. The room with the pool was warm but running back to the room wasnt by the time you got back you were shivering or I was.
Saturday we went visiting the family it was all good everyone was healthy and dads house that just got remodeled after having an electrical fire last year came out beautiful.

I have updated my photos on the side at my photo album with all out Christmas photos. Take a look if you want.

We didnt do anything for new years we must be getting old. Today I am just updating stuff on the computers and working on my knitting I just got done a hat for my mom and am going to make one for myself, I never keep anything I make so this will be a first.

The big thing I'm doing this week is cutting my hair 2 years ago I donated 14 inches to Locks of Love I think I'm going to do the minimum of 10 inches this time I could do 14 but Ray wants me to keep a little of it last time it ended up really short by the time we got done.


At 11:41 AM, Blogger dan said...

happy new year.

i reckon the people who didn't turn up for food lost out. it really is their loss.

liked the photo albums


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