Monday, November 21, 2005

he said nothing, I mean nothing I so expected something. All I got was its nice to see you back thats it end of story and he said it kind of smugly. The guys I dispatch seemed to miss me and a few people in the office but for the most part alot of people said nothing like I was never gone or sick. I like the money I'm making at this job and I guess I can hope some of these people lighten up they just seem really stuffy some days or should I say most days. I guess I was used to my old job where everybody asked too much instead of nothing its weird the contrast in the two companies. You cant have it both ways so I think I'll take the money work my 9 hours and go home to no Saturdays.

Ok lady's I have to ask is it just me or do TV woman have way more friends that they pal around with then I have ever seen anyone in real life have. All these shows and movies where 4-5 women all hang out together go on trips, and girls nights out etc. I watched the Ya Ya sisters this weekend and then the commercial with the older ladies talking about the once a month meds and there were 5 of them going for a walk is this something that real people do. I have 2 true friends one in Florida and one that is a house rat and never wants to do anything but is a friend no less. I dont have 5 people to walk with or hang out with. I guess being sick and watching sappy movies on pain killers isn't a good thing for someone prone to depression.
Time for bed its been a long day it felt like 3:30 at 9am I really needed a nap instead I'm going to bed early good night.


At 6:53 AM, Blogger Kari said...

The real life friends I have are from the internet and still live away.
I does seem like on tv every woman has more than one friend.

At 10:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TV people have far more interesting lives. That's why we watch. No ones life is ever that perfect in real life.

Glad your boss didn't flip a gasket at least.



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