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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Finally I am starting to feel better, I have been up sick everynight since I last posted, Monday morning I called the doc and he dropped one of my meds and put me on a liquid diet have you ever done that liquid diet Sun-Thursday oh my god it sucked. I did lose 9lbs this week. I actually went to see the nurse practioner today she did more blood test 3rd one in two weeks I feel like a pin cushion She wants me to stop all my meds for a few weeks. I have to call her back on Monday and let her know how I am. I just want to get a full nights sleep, no puking, no pooping just sleep. What I wouldnt give for sleep.
At work the good news I got my new computer setup and I moved to a new desk. I am on one side of the room all by myself, I dont have a window but I have room. The desk I was at put my back to the hall and everytime someone came into the room it was over my right shoulder and I havent been able to look over my right shoulder since I broke my neck at the new desk I wont have that problem.
How boring am I the only things I have to talk about are puking, pooping and a new desk spot. Wow what a life. Oh wait I now have Kati's sweater completely knitted I have to put it together and send it to MIL and have her crochet the edges and its done. One Christmas present down, a qazillion left.


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