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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I got Presents

I got presents today from my secret pal I love presents. There was some cool yarn that will be mittens maybe and then I think I am going to try making my first pair of socks with the self striping yarn, after I finish Katy's sweater.I have a question why do they make some soaps so cool looking that you dont want to use them but they smell so good that you just want to rub them all over you. I also got some chocolate from Italy. She just came back from there, I so want to travel someday I'm afraid that once I open the chocolate I wont stop till its all gone. I'll take some pictures tomorrow of everything that will be my excuse to not open the chocolate tonight till I take its picture. So secret Pal thank you very much this made my day.

dont forget Mainers only two more days till hunting season and four days till I start my new job I cant wait.


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