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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I'm a slug

I'm a slug this week I havent felt quite right all week, tired kinda blah. I havent heard from the job I interviewed for it will be a week tomorrow I will probably email him then. But then if he offers it what to do about the doc's test and insurance issues. Then there is this weekend we are having Michaels bithday party on Saturday at 4 cuz of course I have to work till noon again. Sunday I am still going to Boston I'm taking the train with all my friends meaning I'm going alone. I dont really give a shit at this time I want to go so I am so what if I dont have anyone to go with I'll take so pictures to share with anyone who might care. Next weekend Ray and Michael are going north to see MIL I'm staying home cuz I have to work again. Then I'm going to the fair on Sunday again alone, at least I wont have to pay for rides for Michael thats the only upside.
I told you I'm kinda slugging this week. I'm having my own little pitty party sorry for dragging you into it with me.I just dont feel like being chipper I miss my friends that have all moved away on me the last few years. I love Ray but I cant drag him everywhere I understand he needs to do guy stuff and cant always be my girlfriend too. ok I'm going to watch tv not like I have anyone to shoot the shit with Ray is sleeping already. Night.


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