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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

michael's first day

Today was meet the teacher day at kindergarden for Michael. We found out he got into the all day program which is just like being in first grade. We had hoped for this and we heard the kids in that program are far more advanced going into first. I forgot the camera when we dropped him off so I brought it later here are a couple of shots in front of his new class.

Two more benefits of all day kinder is HOT LUNCHES, and lower price for daycare yee haaa

This is a picture of the flowers Ray got me last friday for our aniversary


At 9:06 AM, Blogger dan said...

he looks really happy for his first day there.

i remember crying my eyes out like a big baby and screaming for my mum not to go.

At 1:33 AM, Anonymous Fate said...

Congratulations on Michael getting into the full day program. The Brat was in a full day program back in the day. I really think they need to make all day kindergarten mandatory.


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