Saturday, August 27, 2005

what a week I am so glad its the weekend no matter how short it will be. Let see where to start. Wednesday morning my mom invites us to a bbq for roland's birthday on Thursday. Now thurday I was going to do my shopping for moms surprise party. So now I need to rearrange my schedule. MIL was in town so I had her pick up Michael, Ray and I went and did the shopping after work, then he went to help her with something and I brought Michael to tae kwon do. Thurday I got out rushed around did some cleaning and we went to moms house. Then on friday it was the big day. I got out of work and did a speed clean of the house and go everything ready.
Then waited for mom to show up it was just her sisters over and her two best friends but she was still surprised. She loved all her presents cried twice. With my mom thats always a good way to judge things she cries when she loves it. Everyone went home around 10.
I worked this morning and have a wedding to go to tonight. Then a buddy is having a fire pit party in his back yard and invited us over for a drink after.
Tomorrow we're are going to the Windor fair with my dad and his girlfriend. and maybe get to bed early. at least with all this running around there wont be many dishes in the sink.


At 12:16 AM, Blogger dan said...

this might seem like a stupid question, but what's labor day???


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