Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Well I ended up taking yesterday off but I went in today its way cooler at work than at home where I only have AC in the bedroom and its not a very good one.
Michael went to tae kwon do Monday night and tonight he did ok Monday but horsed around a lot more today I think he was more tired today. The kids in this class thou some are a belt behind him know more just cuz they go and hour twice a week so he will have a little catching up to do.
We did sign him up for soccer at the parks and rec today that place is so fucked up. I have been watching their web site for weeks and had grandma watching the paper for registration dates and nothing, so today I call registration for soccer ends next Thursday gee glad I called.I did point out the website to her thou whats the point of haveing a mailing list if you dont use it. I told a couple of other parents at tae kwon do about it too so they dont miss the reg date.

On the female problem, doc told me I would be leaking but this is too weird its a clear leak with no odor nothing its like I dripping water very odd feeling. I also haven't worn pads since I was a pre-teen or for a short time after childbirth so I feel like I have a diaper on. And this is going to last a few weeks yeah.
I'll try to post later in the week so far nothing exciting planned for the weekend I have to work Saturday am and so does Ray but there is a craft show at the cumberland fairgrounds I might go to wish I had the money to set up a table and get rid of some things I have made that need good homes.
ok got to go later all.


At 11:23 PM, Anonymous notyourtypicalsouthernbelle said...

I hope your female problem is getting better...I had a cryosurgery done once, and I had a lot of 'leakage' at first.

My sons are playing football with parks and rec here, and we are at practice 2 & 1/2-3 hours a night, four nights a week. Then once games start, we will be out of the house an additional several hours. Crazy! But I love it.

At 4:46 AM, Blogger dan said...

i'm glad i'm a man. really.


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