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Monday, August 01, 2005

Super Sunday

I so wanted to post last night but I couldn't move I was sooo tired.
We had a great day we drive all the way there Michael looks at the sign and says "story land" I said yup he goes "I totally knew we were coming here". So I say really how? He says " I had a dream about it and now we are here" got to love kids. So we go in right when they open at 9 and discover Michael is 40 inches tall, he is tall enough for every ride there WITH AN ADULT. aaahhh so yes I went on every single ride at story land. Now mind you I love roller coasters love em but after 3 tilt r whirl rides in a row even mommys tummy was turning. So we went and had lunch it was hard to get him to eat he wanted to see everything and we did. They had this cool train that went around the entire place with a stop in each corner so after we had walked the entire thing we took the train back to do a couple of things again. Michael had to look at the map to make sure we did everything cuz he didn't want to miss anything at all. When we left I could barely walk oh my god my legs, back and feet were killing me how this kid was still walking was beyond me. I put him in the truck and within 4 miles he was out cold head back, mouth open, snoring. Now we still had a 2 hour drive so I had everything I could do to stay awake. Window open, window close, music up, music down. I think I hit dirt twice and thought really hard about pulling over and taking a power nap. I opted for taking a more traveled road home instead of all back roads that way the traffic would keep me awake and it did enough that we got home safely. Michael woke up just as we pulled in the drive, that figures doesn't it. Anyways Ray had to go out and get some groceries so I'm like pleeeaaase take him with you I need to veg for 5 minutes and get my head to stop spinning. I felt like I was still on that damn ride.
Well to end the day we all went to bed early despite Michaels objections, he had just had a 2 hour nap, he fell asleep I'm sure after me.
So that was my weekend and now back to another boring week at work. If I don't post much its not that I'm not around I don't want to bore you all with work,eat, knit, sleep and that's it life of mine

Oh oh, one more thing I just finished knitting my first sweater I'm so proud of myself its for my moms birthday and it came out great. My digital camera shit the bed and is being fixed who knows when I'll get that back so I'm going to take some pictures with the old film camera ( I did take a whole roll yesterday) and I'll show you them when they come back.

Hope you have a great week.


At 2:28 PM, Blogger dan said...

"I put him in the truck and within 4 miles he was out cold head back, mouth open, snoring."

Sounds like me.


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