Monday, July 11, 2005

Well guess what I got to go to the docs after all I called the nurse this morning right when they opened and she said if it was light spotting I was all set to come in and let me tell you what OUCH. I was not at all impressed he found two abnormal spots he cut out and sent to be biopsied he said it doesnt look like it was anything to be real worried about. One of two things we can do depending on what is says if its really low grade something they can freeze it off and remove it or it might be something we need to watch and redo a pap every six months thats great just what I'm looking forward too. The new doc was really nice and talked alot about everything so he made it real comfee or as much as he could. He said I could see increased spotting the next couple of days and some cramping. So I'm going to play it up bigtime, its 90+ out right now and will be just as hot tomorrow so if I get the balls I might just call in sick and crampy so I can veg in my room tomorrow. We'll see but for now everything is ok. Have a great rest of your day.


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