Sunday, June 26, 2005

Well its Sunday and I have the house almost totally to myself. Ray his mom and sister all went to his mothers way up Maine to get her stuff. Its pretty amazing they will be going 6 hours up and still be in the state. If you went south that far you would be in NJ. They are going to unpack the Uhaul into a storage unit tomorrow a couple of Ray's buddies are going to help him out.
Michael is still sleeping so it is really quiet this morning, but for some weird reason Michael has taken to getting out of bed with his blankets and sleeping on his floor he has done that 2 nights in a row. I'll have to ask him why when he gets up.

I do need to say I had the best Friday to start I could not get myself to call in fake sick I just couldn't do it. But that's ok my back felt ok and if I had I would have missed my surprise visitor. I am sitting at my desk on the phone with a customer and I look up to see who walked in my door and it was my best friend Damien up for SC. I had to put the customer on hold my voice was cracking. Apparently Jodi's grandfather passed away and the service was yesterday so Damien had just flown up. Jodi had drove the camper up last week. He is leaving on Monday so today Michael and I are going to see him. I have missed his so much it actually hurts. But the good news is Jodi and the kids are staying for the Summer and Damien is coming back for 3 weeks in August. I cant wait. If I stay at this job and get laid off again next year Michael and I had planned on flying down to visit them I don't want to drive it again with him no way. Besides my truck is acting weird. So D. Made my day and goes to show not to call in sick if your not I wouldn't have seen him if I did. The lady at work was laughing at me I was so happy I was crying. Kat is the only other person that could ever surprise me like that, but I KNOW that wont happen right Kat.

About my truck its weird yesterday I took my mother in law to a craft store up in Standish, which is about 45 minutes away (kat it is at the corner near where grammy used to live) Michael fell asleep on the way up. So I left my truck parked in front of the door with the AC on and kept sticking my head out we were there a total of maybe 30 min on the high side. Now it was 95 yesterday with HIGH humidity for Maine its a scorcher. When we hot in my truck the temp gauge was way up almost to high and it smelled funny not like antifreeze but more like rubber. The switch inside my truck to goes from low to high for the fan hasn't worked right in weeks the AC is on High or off so I left it on High when we went in so Michael would stay cool. Anyways I looked in the hood no leaking fluid so I did what my shop teacher told me turned the heat on full blast. In 90 + heat that was fun and drove up the rd a little to get the wind under the hood the temp then came right down to normal. So we continued home, on the way we stopped at dunkin to get some ice coffee in line for the drive thru, (I had put the AC back on) it stated to smell funny again but the temp didn't go up. So I'm thinking my belt is slipping a little, I don't really know maybe with the heat and being on high it just couldn't keep up. Today when we go to see D I'm really going to keep an eye on it. I could take Rays truck but its little and a standard and I just don't really like it we'll see, I probably should. Ray is going to pick my truck up from work Monday and take it to the garage to see what they say hope its not serious.

Michael just got up so I"m going to make him some breakfast we are going to leave around noon. If we get back early enough we MIGHT go to the fair. It was just too damn hot yesterday and today is the last day.
Have a good Sunday everyone.


At 7:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would totally surprise you like that but I is a broke ass bitch woman...lmao

BUT! Things are looking up in that area. Maybe another 4 months. If it happens before winter sets in, I told the boys we would be coming up there.
Don't tell anyone. Especially Shell who would get all teary eyed. ;)


At 4:48 AM, Blogger dan said...

95 and humid...I don't envy you.


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