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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Its the dredded MIL day what is that its the day my mother in law moves in. The house is sumwhat clean my darling kept putting off picking up the bed at my dads so last night I told him to go get it he says i'm tired I'll get it tomorrow I told him no I want this damn house ready he was mad but he went and got it. I love him but this procrastination of his kills me.
Anyways she called last night cuz she got a new cell phone and wanted to give us the number Ray was in the shower and she says well i'll see you kids tomorrow afternoon. I said nope I have to work till 5 I'll be home around 6 So I got "well I'll make supper for you". And it starts Hell with blond hair. If I sound insain for awhile its probably cuz I will be this blog is going to be my sanity.
oh shit I'm late have a good day.


At 10:26 AM, Blogger Cat said...

LOL well, look at it this way, you got a live in cook now! LOL
Hope things go well! Goodluck!


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