Saturday, June 04, 2005

what a good day, we got up went to tae kwon do, came home for a few then went to t-ball and man it was HOT out for Maine that is. They play in the middle of a field and there was no shade from 11-12. Then we went up to the fish and game club to shoot our bows in the nfaa state championship. Michael will win his class he is the only one in it.but when he is 20 and has a championship patch he won at 4 we wont tell him that. My site marks weren't perfect but I shot half a round then Michael started being a little turd so I didnt shoot the second half. Thats ok though we were tired and hot anyways, We then went to wally world and bought a cheap pool for michael its 8 feet round and 18 inches high. Of course where I put it isn't level so its all lopped sided but he doesn't care, and went in while it was filling it was freezing he was funny. Then we went for ice cream came home and put him to bed. I took a bunch of pictures and will put them up sometime this week.
I should just go to one of them photo sites and make an album for everyone to view any time. Does anyone know of a good one that is easy to use and link to.
ok we have to shoot the second day of the archery course tomorrow so I'm heading to bed. night.


At 5:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said... is easy to use and link to. doesn't require passwords for your guests or nothing. Check it out.



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