Friday, June 03, 2005

I'm glad this week is over. I wasn't around yesterday cuz alot was going on. My daughters father Jim went to the hospital with chest pains he is 34. So between talking to her every half hour, work was swamped. I was stressing cuz I thought I had to work and Ray is hosting the me state nfaa championhip this weekend, michael has t-ball and tae kwon do tomorrow ahhh.(my boss told me at 3:30 yesterday he would work tomorrow, I owe him one for that)
now Jimmy is sick what bad timing. ok so I got out of work and went straight to the hospital , when I called Ray and told him what was going on he said go I'll take Michael fishing you need to be there. Have I told you how great he can be sometimes. Anyways when I got there they had just brought him up to a room. So I went up and sat with him for awhile he was really nervous in the 16 years we have known each other he has never spent the night in a hospital. It was funny tho when the nurse asked are you his wife we both said NO she said oh well how long have you been together Jim laughed well we've actually be apart for 12 years the look on her face was priceless like ok then why are you here so I said yeah our daughter hates the fact we are friends too she cant play us against each other.
I was coming home at 9 and discovered the turnpike was closed cuz some guy had shot at the cops and was having a stand off with them soooo all the traffic was on rt 1 and my low fuel light was on so I couldn't take the back roads damn my luck, a 3 mile ride took almost an hour. I made it home and crashed but it wasnt a good sleep I tossed and turned all night just slept really restless.
Today I kept in touch with Jim and Jamie all morning she didnt really want to go to school but she only goes for 3 hours so we convinced her to go. Jim went in for a stress test at 2pm then got released around 4. They got the pain to stop and felt he would be fine, they are going to go over all the test stuff and he has to go to our regular doctor at 11am on monday. The pisser was the doc asked so what were you doing just before the pain started he said well I had just got done smoking a joint and was going for a burger I thought the doc was going to die. But he did give him credit for being honest.Then told him to stop smoking. They kinda think his arteries are a little plugged but want to run more test first. We'll have to wait till then for more answers.

Tomorrow should be busy so everyone enjoy your weekend, I'm going to try and take some time for myself and shoot the state championship at our club but we'll see how it goes by then. Maybe I'll just go buy some more yarn or a good book and veg I dont know. I need to do so many things but I dont want to do any, you ever feel like that or am I the only weirdo.


At 8:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eeek! Jimmy!!! Man, keep me posted ok?



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