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Sunday, May 29, 2005

what a good weekend

We had a great time fishing with Rays buddy Billy we got to his house around 5 on friday hung out watched the Red Socks and Bill told us to take a nap we were going out at 1am
we got to the boat at 1:30 and fished till 10am we caught 3 good size fish and a bunch of little ones I think between the 3 of us we caught 32 fish that night. Yesterday we hung around the farm took naps and did alot of nothing most of the day we went to bed at 9 and this time got up at 12 to catch the tide a little earlier and it paid off bigtime. Ray caught a 43.8 lb fish and I caught one that was about 35 (its in the picture below) that we thru back in we kept 3 others that Ray and I caught. A couple of pictures of those are below.The one of me was at 430 am thats why its dark and fuzzy.
Then we got into a school of smaller fish then oh my god did we catch fish we were using live herring as bait and fishing the bottom 90 feet below us. Ever try to real a fish in out of 90 feet of water What a workout my arms were shaking but I refused to say a word Billy loves when people say they are tired or anything like that he just uses it for ammo to pick on you he is still a great guy its just how he is. We came home with 6 huge fillets that we cut into 1lb packages and brought home 3 lobsters so I bet you can guess what we had for dinner tonight. Michael was great for his sister all weekend so no complaintes there tho he has been a little shit since we got home must be punishment for not taking him with us. I'll post more pictures tomorrow didnt want to put them all up at once. As you can tell it was freezing out there I had 2 sweatshirts a turtle neck and a t-shirt on under my jacket and rain pants. When we got in it was almost 70 inland I think I sweat 20 lbs off just trying to get all the layers off when we got back to dock. Ray seems to never get cold, I am ok till my neck gets cold then I'm all done so I'd rather bundle up and be more safe than sorry its easier to take layer off if you got them. The water was nice and calm both nights so I am not complaining but man do I have windburn on my face.
I am soo ready for bed I took an hour power nap before picking up Michael but thats it since midnight. Yawn. night alll
. .


At 4:03 AM, Blogger dan said...

The biggest fish I ever caught was a 3lb carp.

At 11:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thosae are some big fish girl! Glad you guys had a fun time. :)



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