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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Big TMI post

Since I'm on a role do I tell you my husband is coming out of his shell. The few that know me know that I'm not shy at all. Sexually I like to have fun, one of my good friends told me once I must have a magic bug because guys that I would just want to play with would fall in love with me. I like it rough, I like it gentle I just really enjoy it but I need passion.
Now Ray on the other hand has always been reserved that is his only big fault. Not that it makes him bad in any way it’s not the reason I fell in love with him but it has been a cause of problems for me. I've had the urge to stray I needed more and I wasn’t getting it. I needed to feel more. I have looked at other men I have flirted and I have wanted but I never did anything about it and now I'm glad I behaved and waited this out. I have talked to him about it more than once and I have cried about it more than once and FINALLY it is paying off. We had probably the most intense sex the other night and I can say I think I love him even more. Shit if I had known this I would have taken the toy out to make him jealous along time ago. No we didn’t use the toy but maybe him thinking I was he realized that I wasn't lying about my feelings. I don’t know I don’t care but it worked.

Ok now the rest of my week has been pretty boring STILL haven't heard from the doc so I have to assume that all is ok or he would have called. Michael has kindergarten testing tomorrow and then we are going to take him fishing. Saturday we have tae kwon do then T-Ball and I want to go shoot my bow after I miss it. For me it is a form of Stress relief and right now I need to destress in the worse way.


At 1:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! Ray is finally coming around! Woo hooo!!!



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