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Friday, May 06, 2005

its friday smile :)

Have you ever gotten one of them letters u know the ones. Thank you for applying we had many qualified applicants and cant interview them all but we will keep your application on file for 6 months. Well I did yesterday. I had applied for 2 jobs with this town in two different departments and they were accepting applications till a certain date each. The letter I got was the first date to end and the second is the job I really want anyways. So lets see if I got this letter on Thursday I should hear about the other one by next Thursday. I hope its not in a letter form but with a phone call asking me to come in for an interview.
Last night we went to a parent info night at the school Michael will go to for kindergarden he got to see some of the teachers but it went past 7 which is his bedtime so by the end he was getting cranky I hope they dont think he is like that all the time. He is getting excited already the first day of school is August 30th or around then.
Tomorrow we were gonna go to tae kwon do then the fishing derby but I got a call today and the derby is getting postponed due to rain AGAIN. We were going to have to miss T-ball tomorrow for the derby but we got a call from the team mom they found a gym to have the game at so he will get to do tae kwon do this week he is being tested for his next belt and .Then next week we will just do the fishing derby. Michael has a couple of friends that are both his age that have never fished I cant see that but I guess every family has there own hobby. Ray decided to volunteer us to take the two of them overnight next Friday and take the other boys to the derby with us. He said we have to get the little ones to appreciate nature now or we might never get them too. That should be an interesting day.

And still no word from the doc is that a good thing how long does it take a test to come back? If there was a problem the lab would rush the results to the doc right? I hope its nothing thats why I havent heard. I might end up back at the docs next week anyways my back is still bothering me it hasnt gone away at all of course the boss hasnt gotten me a new chair yet either and I am hoping that is the problem.

Ok we promissed the boy ice cream so we are got to go NOW!!! He says. got to love em"


At 12:12 AM, Blogger eric said...

i need to follow my dad's lead and get my boys out in nature ... like he did me.

it's an important part of becoming an adult in today's society.


At 5:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you get a call and not a letter Shell. I got my fingers crossed for you. :)


At 4:29 AM, Blogger dan said...

I used to have a collection of those rejection letters, maniax. I had over three hundred. I finally threw them out when I got a job after almost two years on the dole.

And they never, ever keep you on file, do they.

I hope everything works out for you.

At 11:22 PM, Blogger eric said...

dan, when i was in j-school in college, i went to my hometown newspaper (the biggest in the state) to try to make extra money as an obituary writer.

when i applied they had me fill in my address and name on a postcard. on the other side, it was the rejection notice.

a week later, i get it in the mailbox. i'm like, "you tacky mofo's; i can't believe you'd be so tacky!"


At 2:22 PM, Blogger dan said...

I can't believe that either eric, but it is sort of funny.


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