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Friday, April 22, 2005

What a week

Ok I tried to post last night but blogger said it was doing something so I couldn't. I did get to the docs on Wednesday they had a cancellation and called me at work. So I go in he snap crackles and pops me and decides it a nerve issue not a cracking issue. So he gave me these patch things to put on that should desensitizing the nerves. So I picked them up and to me they feel like those icy/hot patches and that it nothing different we'll give it a couple of more days and if its not better he wanted me to call him back on Monday. Also while I was there I needed a refill on my birth control pills not that I can get prego or anything cuz my tubes are tied but they help with pms and cramping and if taken right you don't have a period;) So he goes to look at my last pap and cant find the paperwork in my folder. He has the nurse go find it. She comes back and says you might want to look at this to him. There was a sticky note on it to call me for a retest the last one was abnormal WHAT I took the damn test in December and they are just now telling me this. I'll tell you this new office of his sux bad. So that is scheduled for may 2. Let me tell you if there IS something wrong someone is gonna get hanged for making me wait.
Ok on a lighter non medical note. I found a job online that I want really bad. It is at a pd/fd for a secretary position. I have a degree in Law Enforcement and Accounting I know hell of a combo to have and be working in construction right. So this job is just up my alley. My mom helped me redo my resume and I dropped it off today the deadline is actually next week but I didn't want to wait till the last minute So please cross your fingers for me. Its less money by the hour but the benefits are almost 100 less per week. So that will make up the difference and also its 8:30 to 5:00 so I would be able to bring Michael to school with out having to bring him to my moms every morning that is an extra benefit. And the biggy for my NO SATURDAYS ;)
other than all this it has been a pretty boring week get up go to work come home cook and go to bed. Yeah what a life.
Michael is at Jamie's tonight even though we are to broke to go out and I have to work tomorrow but she called and wanted him and since she doesn't spend that much time with him we said ok. Let her earn a couple of buck and get a peaceful night sleep just what every parent. Wants.


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