Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Today was just fucked up. Jamie had a dentist appointment scheduled for 4:10 no biggy Ray was gonna pick her up. A guy at work was gonna cover my last hour so I could pick Michael up on time all set right, wrong of course. I had this feeling bugging me all morning, When Michael was sick we schedueled a follow-up appointment for him and I couldnt remember when the hell it was. So I call them guess what it is Today at 3:15, oh shit how the hell we gonna manage this the two appointments are like 40 miles apart. So my darling goes and gets Jamie brings her to my work cuz the dentist is closer to me then goes and gets Michael and brings him to the doctors.

The doc says Michaels ears are getting better but they are still vunerable to getting infected again. And for peeing all the time keep an eye on it no other answer they tested the pee again no infection there just him waiting too long it seems. So Ray picked him up some new wind pants cuz they have no buttons or zipper thinking it would be easier and a package of good night pull ups for just in case at night so at least his pjs wont get wet if he doesnt make it.

The dentist says Jamie is getting much better about her visits I guess giving her a valium before going is working or in her head it is so we are gonna just go with it for now. We scheduled her two more appointments and got a referal for an oral surgion to get her wisdom teeth out when she gets out of school. no better time since we hit all our insurance max's for the year already. then we get to spend big bucks on braces what a joy that is gonna be.
My darling just made supper cuz he go home first I cant thank him enough. So I got to go. Later.


At 9:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad she is getting better about it and Micheal is feeling better too.
Sorry the day was so fucked up though.


At 1:04 PM, Blogger dan said...

Dentists frighten me. Not because of what they do, because of what they charge.


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