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Friday, April 01, 2005

what a week

This has been the week from hell!!!!!! ok lets start on Wednesday I get a call from Michaels school he has the poops by the time I get out of work he is sleeping on the couch at school. Well I go to put him in the truck and he starts screaming that his belly hurts alot and his ear is red. We get home and he wont even sit up straight. I call the doctor they are closing and nobody is working late. So Ray and I take him to the ER his first trip there. What a joke they take blood, pee and poke and probe then the doc says well there is alot of wax in his ear lets put some stuff in it to get the wax to soften. I tell him twice Michael has NEVER had an ear infection but he thinks this stuff will help so he puts it in and 10 minutes later sends us home no answer about the belly ache must be something he ate.
So we get up on Thursday and as my luck would have it my first week back and I need to call in Michaels ear is hurting alot feels like there is jelly in it. So we go to our regular doc who says what the hell is this stuff in his ear. So I tell him about the ER he calls the nurse and has her get some stuff to flush his ear out to get all the crap out of it. Then he looks in and says his eardrum is all red from being irritated. That figures so he is going back for a recheck on that in 10 days. Well on to the belly thing doc says he is constipated what? he had diarrear how can he be constipated so he tells me that he is bound up and that is causing the pain and the diarrear is from what is getting thru just the liquids tells us to go home and feed him stuff that will make him go within 3 hours his butt is feeling better ;) so one thing down.
Now while all this is going on poor Ray has been working his ass off trying to get ready for a 3d shoot we are hosting Saturday and Sunday I got elected to do the cooking cuz the lady that normally does it had a family emergency herself.So I have been doing groceries for this at night along with making cookies and other stuff.
Today at work It was busy trying to change all the prices and getting ready for the spring rush.
Tomorrow and Sunday its gonna rain so I hope we still get alot of shooters it will make the day go by faster and that will keep us awake at least.
So how was everyone else's week?


At 11:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That totally sucks girl. Let's hope it gets better for you.
Poor kiddo though.
I feel bad for him.


At 7:18 PM, Anonymous notyourtypicalsouthernbelle said...

Heh, mine has been filled with trips to the ballpark and inlaws, me having a few meltdowns, working, and finally getting the kids to their bio dad for a visit. I am being a whole lotta lazy today!


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