Monday, March 28, 2005

I just typed huge post and it didn't work and it all went bye bye that sucks lets try this again.
Well today was my first day back to work and it was like I was just gone a few days not months. Nothing had changed at all. I talked to one of the bosses actually he is an owner he said he wants to learn the scales and he guarantees that I can have every other Saturday off for Michaels T ball games so that is good news.
Then I get a call from Michaels school he has to get into trouble my first day back to work. He has decided to use bad language at school. He told his teacher she was being a bitch and that so and so was a son of a bitch so he had been put in time out a couple of times and they wanted to make us aware of it. So Ray picked him up early before of Tao kwon do class and sent him to his room till supper was done and took away his new game boy till Wednesday. I don't know where he got what he said he didn't get the bitch thing from home I tend to say Fuck not bitch so I guess we have to be on extra bad word alert.
On a good note Jamie went to the dentist today and got a filling, her first. She has needed it for awhile and cuz her dad never brought her even tho I had insurance on her she developed a fear of dentist. The guy we go to his great not only is he young and cute but he has patience too. Last time we scheduled to get this filling done she freaked when he went to give her the novicane so he gave her some valium to take half an hour before this appointment and it worked she did great. I'm glad now maybe she can get all the work she needs done. She has 4 more cavities to be filled all her wisdom teeth out and braces so she better get used to it. I think now that she is older she understands more that if she wants to keep her teeth.
oh and on a final note I finished the baby blanket for my cousin Stacies baby, Pam at work has a pattern for a baby sweater, hat and booties and thinks I have enough yarn left to do them all. So if I can get them done before Friday I'll send them down with my mom and aunts they are driving down to visit. I'll take a couple of pictures before I send them.
ok I hope this post this time cuz I'm not retyping it. I'm going to watch the shows I taped last night and reset the tape for tonight I tried to tape cold case last night set the vcr and the damn basketball game ran late so all the shows got pushed back I only got about 10 minutes of it that sucks but I did tape that new grays anatomy show it looked good.


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