Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I cant believe less than 1 week and I'll be back to work. I'm happy but realize that there is still a bunch of crap I have to get done before I get back. I want to finish peeling the old wallpaper so when I get a check I can get the new stuff ordered, I need to do the clubs income taxes, get the newsletter for march done and mailed, Where did these last three months go.
Well today I'm going to rite aid to make a bunch of pictures I bought 3 photo albums and I'm going to fill them for Rays grandma and mom and my mom for easter. I love these new machines .29 each picture off the disk cant beat that for a present.

Kinda funny I have all this stuff to do and yesterday I was feeling crappy and never did a thing when I got home from running errands. Ray had snored and ground his teeth so bad the night before I came on the couch about 1am to sleep. When Ray left for work at 3 I went back to my bed. If I'm asleep before him it doesnt bother me but if he is snoring already when I get there forget it. He even had his nose strip on but he has a little cold so it doesnt work that good right now.Last night I went to bed before him and actually feel motivated today we'll see how it goes.


At 9:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you can get it all done.
That sucks about him snoring. Gotta go babysit later today for jo.



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