Thursday, March 17, 2005

we got Ray a computer kinda. we custom ordered one at best buy with the Geek Squad and man did they name that department right. We were looking around and of course the person that decides to help us is a he/she we couldnt decide, sounded like a girl, had wiskers, girl perfume and alot of it, girl jewlery, tight pants. We were dying of laughter the entire time oh and it was a big gamer, when we told IT that Ray was gonna play more games than anything else IT said that all the packages they have on the shelf dont have good video cards and he would outgrow it quick with the games he likes. So It said if we design a system and order it we can get exactly what we need for even less $$ than the packages the only thing we dont get is a printer but that is fine we dont really need one anyways. Oh and IT will personally call us when the system comes in probably a couple of weeks. Oh and IT said this system will ROCK for games cuz they are a complete gamer plays all day when not working we had to hear all that.
We brought meme down to NH with us so she could go to Toys R Us and get Michaels Easter present. He's getting a brand new bright red game boy advanced, she got him a game too and we got him one and a case to put it all in. Not like this kid is spoiled or anything. The plus side of taking meme is she bought us lunch at Applebee's.
Update: No luck on the hearing aid yet we keep putting snow in the driveway to melt faster so it might show up. cross your fingers for us.


At 8:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's cool about the game pc. Very cool.
Hope you find it soon. :)


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